Wednesday, 7 June 2017

EXT: The Old King's Astrolabe

Summertime, and the paintin' is easy

I really like the moulded murals on these pieces. Fun to paint, and they look good too.

Here's other part of this two-part commission - the Numinous Occulum. Translated from the Pig Latin, by which of course I mean authentic Ancient Sigmarite, this more or less means means Shiny Eye. The shine has come off this one, rather, what with all that verdigris. Conclusion - don't leave your eyes out in the rain all winter.

As with the Archway, it's a nice, chunky piece built with gaming in mind. The inner walkway is wide enough to take a couple of models (where it isn't crumbling away, at least), and even has a nice display point for you to stick a wizard. 

This isn't strictly necessary in game terms, a wizard just needs to turn up precisely when he means to within 3" of it to gain the bonuses it provides. 

Not much else to say about it in terms of painting. It's exactly the same paint scheme as the last one, and it took three hours all told from sprue to varnish. It's not glued together either, again mostly for transport. Also because I couldn't quite decide which side of the wizard's catwalk I liked best, so I did both and Stylus can pick later.

And then also because I could stick it together with the bits from the Archway to build a single, larger building, just to demonstrate the modularity of the two sets.

Not bad, is it? Even enough left spare for a free-standing pillar. A clever chap who could deploy magnets to good effect could have a field day with this. If only we knew someone like that. Finally,  quick side-by-side comparison with my own snowbound version, and then I'm off to paint some scouts.


  1. Majestic stuff - that's a superb job and this will totally inspire me to start painting my own scenery*

    *disclaimer: I will not be painting my own scenery

  2. That's okay. I don't paint my own these days either.