Tuesday, 6 June 2017

EXT: Southern Ruins

Welcome to summer, Sigmarites!

A mere six months ago, I painted up the Ophidian Archway set to go with my own wintery ruin theme. This one is for General Stylus, who has a sunnier disposition than me, and requested it in warm stone colours.

Fun to see two polar opposite takes on the same piece at once! And as before, a quick and easy paint job. I had a look at some pictures of Italian Roman ruins for inspiration, and it seems to have come out okay. A bit of flock for the bases, perhaps some tiny poppies? And Bobmarite's your uncle.

It's still in bits, so that the owner can choose the exact configuration of the walls and also match the flock to his own collection. And it'll be easy to get it home from Sweden that way too. The wall segments are not a great fit at present, however, those straight pillar edges aren't quite as straight as they look close up. Might need a bit of filler, or removal from base segments and regluing possibly, so you can match it up better than it does right now. Nothing too tricky, though.

Painting Guide:

  • Base Stone - Steel Legion Drab basecoat, heavy Reikland Flesh wash, serial drybrushes of Deathclaw Brown, Karak Stone, Eldar Flesh and Terminatus Stone. A tiny bit of Praxeti White drybrush on the pillars and most exposed elements
  • Brickwork - A blend of Skrag Brown and Mephiston Red washed with Seraphim Sepia, then Nuln Oil in the cracks, before the above drybrushes were applied
  • Plaster Murals - A selection of primary blues (Macragge), reds (Mephiston), yellows (Averland) and greens (Warpstone), again before all the drybrushing. It didn't quite stand out enough against the stone after that, so I went over the edges with Ushabti Bone
  • Silver Trim - Leadbelcher, Nuln Oil wash, Ironbreaker and Runefang Steel highlights
  • Verdigris - Heavy applications of first Typhus Corrosion, then Nihilakh Oxide, then left to dry standing up so the wash ran down a little. Gothenburg is packed full of corroded bronze, and you very rarely see any actual metal colours in it when it's old, so that's how I've left it here

There's another set of ruins in the post, which will be done with matching colours. Pics when it's done, as usual!


  1. That is fantastic! I may never paint another piece of scenery again.

    I'm off to squeeze a Chaos Dreadhold into a jiffy bag.

  2. I pity that jiffy bag. Damn thing is all spikes.