Friday, 18 November 2016

Grassy Gnoll

No painted models for a few weeks, so here's a short post remedying that.

Been a while since I

a) Painted any Reaper models from my leadpile. Wilty plastic pile. Whatever.
b) Played any Frostgrave.

Last time I did the latter, I had an all-Dwarf band. Someone accused me at the time of using the smaller models purely to get more cover on the table, a scurrilous accusation if ever I heard one. Didn't do the warband any good, they all died anyway, but to redress the accusation, here's a warband's worth of large gnolls.

Real life hyenas are a lot lighter and stripier than I realised. I thought they were grey and spotty. Disney is clearly to blame for this, but never mind, I did a mix of colours anyway.


Image result for hyena lion king
Now we're just guessing

These hyenamen are maybe on the big size for the monsters they represent? Gnolls are usually human sized in DnD, i.e. they should fit on a standard 25mm round base in this scale. These chaps are considerably larger, so they went on bigger bases. Good models, despite reusing the same chassis rather too often, rather like the bugbears I did last year.

Alongside them are some resin treasure tokens, hauled from the recent Frostgrave Nickstarter that introduces Barbarian warbands. More on them later. For now, I need to play Frostgrave again, as well as go back to the painting table and put some snow on the treasure counters. I forgot, whoops.

Magic horn, magic bone, magic stone. A thoughtful mix.

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