Wednesday, 9 November 2016

I never got my picture shown by Tony Hart...

... but this TOTALLY makes up for it!

Your eyes do not deceive you - gracing the digital space of the Games Workshop Gallery is MY Squig Herder!

(If you look now, it will even be the first image in the top left. I assume there's a ranking system)

One of the most welcome changes at Games Workshop has been their shift in audience interaction - from Ivory Tower wallflowers to social butterflies wholeheartedly embracing the community.

This gallery is part of this - they scoop up miniatures painted by the huddled masses and add them to their online gallery. It costs them nothing but a little time, and certainly makes the bucket list of a ageing painter like myself.

Screengrabbed below for your convenience: there is a total of 13 WoffBoot models, pressed cheek by jowl to some very superior painting.

But this is the really clever bit: when you click on each image for a better look, not only do you get a credit for the painter (look - there's Milton in the corner!), but it links through to buy the model in question.

Which I guess means that my painting is now being used to advertise Games Workshop products! Quite a nifty idea, when you consider that some painters might be intimidated or disheartened when they see the 'Eavy Metal work - but no-one is going to be intimidated by my paint jobs!

So GW get to interact and flatter the community, show variant (and often attainable) paint schemes for existing models, and advertise them at the same time. Genius!

Get yourself on Instagram, tag #PaintingWarhammer, and all this can be yours!

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