Thursday, 28 July 2016

Wheel Get Them Ready In Time!

In preparedness for an upcoming SkypeBoot against Kraken's chaos cavalry, I want to add some more mounted options for my greenskins.

Spider and Wolf Riders are already on the painting table, and in a fit of ambition that I'll never be able to achieve, I've started assembling some chariots.

You will ride eternal, shiny and chrome.

Grom the Paunch is going to be the warlord of my fast-moving greenskins, and I'm itching to get this one painted.

The chariot itself is the original Grom model, with Fenrisian Wolves replacing the regular plastic ones, and Grom himself pushed aside by the magnificent Avatars of War Goblin King.

I never had the additional charioteer banner bearer, Niblet (maybe Grom ate him), but there wasn't room for him anyway. The banner from the Orc Boar Boyz kit makes a good replacement.

Ride to Valhalla!

Commanding the Wolf Riders is a Dogs of War general, Ghazak Kahn. I think his rules were only ever published in White Dwarf, but he's a nifty model, so works well for a Warboss.

We're good. We fang it!

Finally, a regular goblin chariot. I think this is is going to be tactically useful in WFB games: cheap, fast, unaffected by animosity and smashing out impact hits. And that's before you count the attacks from the crew and beasts.

And in terms of cheapness, this contraption was built from shields, slottabases and coffee stirrers. I've even got enough spare wolves and goblins to try for another one at some point.

Onward to the Fury Road!


  1. That is a lot of horsepower, even if there's no horses. I feel daunted already. (but also smug because my stuff is all painted already.)

  2. Oh, hey, in other news - have you heard they're bringing back Time Commanders?

    1. Could we apply as Team WoffBoot? Or would we be disqualified as being far too qualified for entertainment value?

    2. A qualified military historian and a computer game addict? How could we possibly fail? I mean, I assume they'd be playing the Warhammer version, not any of that genuine reenactment muck.