Sunday, 3 July 2016

Ten Shades of Purple

Yeah, I couldn't stretch to fifty.

A real old-timey treat for me this week - genuine lead!

Just like back in the day. Funny how times have changed, I'm quite used to the crisp plastic detail on modern models. Lead stuff has much deeper lines to it, or these ones do anyway. They take the paint very easily. Maybe it's just that I painted nothing but lead when I was younger, it feels more familiar somehow.

The models are lovely. It's a regiment of reknown with a long history, one that existed right back as far as 1st Ed WFB in one form or another. Mengil Manhide's Manflayers, a name that ranks right up there with Grimmy Darkgrin's Grimdarkers in terms of tryhardism.

Several duplicate poses. And boy oh boy, if they were fun to paint, they were stinkers to assemble. The arms to their crossbows are separate pieces, for one - too tiny to pin, too fiddly to superglue. I nearly resigned myself to having spring-loaded fingers for a while, then used little sausages of green stuff to fix them in place.

Back in the day, there was a unit champion who had a pet owl. Shame he didn't make the updated version, but Hooty here is pretty good too.

They're playing the part of Shades in Kasfunatu's Dark Elf army. Perfect for the job too, being two-handed-sword-wielding crossbowmen. The models are very nicely dynamic, although their balance is a bit top-heavy with their big lead swords. And the look fits perfectly with the later 8th ed elves too, same pointy detailing on their breastplates and shoulders.

The Banner of Kalad. Spoiler - the banner is Kalad. 

Mengil himself, described in the fluff as a sadistic cannibal who enjoys taking trophies. Look at him, nibbling on his lapels. BftBG slapped on - it's the latest fashion, fresh from Paris a Parisian. 

The hood is useless in wet weather, the mouth and eyes let in the rain. I really like his wrist-mounted crossbow though, that's a nice piece.
Painting Guide:

  • Purple - Xereus with Druchii wash, Xereus layer and Lucius drybrush
  • Armour - Abaddon Black, Eshin Grey and Dawnstone layers, Longbeard Grey highlight
  • Cloaks - Ratskin Flesh, Druchii Violet Wash, layered with a 2:1 mix of Emperor's Children and Kislev Flesh, then Eldar Flesh highlights. BftBG on top
  • Skin - Kislev Flesh washed with Reikland Flesh, Kislev layer then Pallid Wychflesh drybrush

Not the only hero this week - the very last (I think) of the Dark Elves, a little batch of plastic heroes.

Spear Lord
Sword Lord. I greenstuffed a slim cape on, he looked really nude without it.
Axe Lord
Two-handed Weapon Lord. 

These guys could all, in theory, double as named characters I think. The last one might be Tullaris, for example, an Executioner who I fondly remember kicking my ass in a big battle once.

More lead snuck itself in to the queue, in the form of this classic assassin. Nice piece, ranks up well despite the outsized swords.

Finally, some form of hero mounted on a Dark Pegasus.

It's a lovely conversion this, made from a Marauder Horseman steed and some wings that I can't place. Giant eagle?

 All these evil elves needed something to balance them with. So a little Dungeon Saga, in the form of resin model Keldan.

Reds and golds with a dirty white cloak to Aragorn about in for this one. Nice model, too, although even worse to glue together than the Shades were. Those sword blades are separate pieces with virtually no slot to stick them in, just flat hilts. I needed to green stuff them on too in the end,

Bit too much eye shadow there, Keldan. But I suppose you are an elf.
Now to take on the enemy.

 No more elves for a while! I think something much grubbier for the next batch.


  1. Oldhammer Regiments of Renown - love 'em! When do we see Ruglud's Armoured Orcs?

  2. Could the pegasus wings be from the Island of Blood griffon?

    I've never looked too closely at the cloaks etc on the Manflayers. Kind of glad I never got my hands on them now. They're a little... icky.

    1. Could be! I think it's a Leofa conversion, I'll check with him.

      I dunno, there's something about having a hemline with toes that appeals to me.

    2. Common or garden Breton pegasus if memory serves.

    3. Wow! Is it resin, then? I didn't know Bregasi came in plastic.

    4. No. Plastic pegasus knight kit.