Saturday, 9 July 2016

Resistance to Change

I have a lot of respect for Kairic Disciples. They perform an important task in any dungeon ecosystem themed around evil cults, providing a valuable amount of filler for heroes in order to build tension on before a final confrontation with the true mastermind behind all the villany.

But if they came barging up in my tower wearing their bird masks and being all Egyptian and whatnot, then I'd have to say

Oi! Tzeentch! No!

Circus Extramaximus

Inspired by happenstance, it turns out I've been slathering these mucoid Putrid Blightkings just as Stylus has been altering the tints of his Tzeentch Cultists. Clearly, a deathmatch must happen.

Does my bum look big in this?

I've got my own pack of five of these wobblers, and I love the models. Packed with character and phlegm, you can almost hear the collapse of their collection metabolisms as they lurch across the ground towards you.

Painting another ten scarcely seemed to take any time at all. Even though they have a lot of detail, they keep it on some nice, broad surfaces. Two evenings of base coats, one of washes, two sessions of layers and details for a total of about six hours the lot.

Worst case of navel gazing I ever saw.

Not, of course, that I left it there. Not me! I'm Kraken! I paint in my sleep! I'm probably painting right now, even as I type this, but it's become such an automatic function that I can't really tell any more.

You might have spotted the new backgrounds, by the way - my Kraken Mats 6x4 has turned up today. Once I'd managed to tidy my daughters off it (and I'm not going to get to play with it much during the day, I can tell), I got a few snaps of some scenery to see if it fits with my collection or not.

I'd say yes, overall, even if the bases aren't remotely a match. The snow holds it together, and a bit of clever placement makes it fit in. I'm already tempted to make set pieces that cover the foundation sections of the frozen city, although that won't be any time soon.

So, yes, this is also an EXT post, because I made another frozen swamp. Can't have too many frozen swamps, I always say.

They said I was daft to build a frozen tower on a frozen swamp, but I did it all the same, just to show them.

Nor was I joking about the Dungeon Saga furniture from the other night.

I've still got some of that Secret Weapon treasure left over. Seen the pics of their forthcoming Mine terrain stuff? Looks good. 
Random Treasure Table
The rest of the house is invisible.

And finally - three splendid resin character pieces. Proper historical they feel now, in the cold light of this flashy new era.

Wulfric the Wanderer is rather a drab model in some ways. Armour plates and skulls, blah-di-blah. He doesn't need to be black and metal, I guess, but it feels very appropriate for someone who is a world-travelling Marauder Duellist.

No shit, Sherlock.
The only way I could think of getting colour in was BftBG in the end, and that'll have to do. He actually looks a bit melancholy, which probably comes from dying in the End Times. That or the prospect of trying to comb that blood out of his beard.
The knee bone's connected to the... oh, shit.

Festus the Leechlord is one of the most detailed models I've ever painted. Horrific. Every time you think you've got them all, you find another score of tiny leeches that looked like folds in the cloth or something else. Five passes, and I was still stumbling over new ones.

Plus he's got a plethora of bird skulls, feathers, chicken feet, mushrooms, intestines, scurf, spots, buboes, boils and scabs that would shame a museum of medieval medicine. Lovely detail, fabulous character, utter bitch to paint. Never again.

Finally, it's Gutrot Spume, here to lead the Blightkings.

Not much to say about him, really. Again, it's a lovely, detailed piece that looks like it's writhed out of the concept art. Funny, though, he doesn't actually stand out particularly in the Blightkings, I think they're better models in some ways. 


And now I've run out of things to display this week. Back to the 41st Millenium next time.

Make us a cuppa, I'm parched.


  1. That's quite the plethora of updates! Are you introducing a new Nurgley green base to your snowbound theme, or is this a schism in the legion?

    Nice frozen mat - I'm sure Elsa and Anna will have hours of fun with it.

  2. The slime base is partly themed for the Nurgle troops and partly because I've run out of non-snow flock temporarily. I'm not sure what green base spray Kas used on the models, something by Army Painter maybe? But I just drybrushed it with Putrid Green and slapped pools of Nurgle's Rot over it.

    1. And just to clarify - these are all bound for Kasfunatu Towers in due course. Although I get to keep the door, table and swamp.