Friday, 22 July 2016

A Tale Of Two Krakens

One of these Krakens is the reason I've blown my hobby budget on mats...

The other Kraken - is also the reason I've blown my hobby budget on mats, because he keeps sending me the oh-so tempting Kickstarter links. Must be some kind of tentacle-based conglomeration I'm unaware of.

Octopus Inc. has a long reach.

But enough of this, you came for the mats. Then welcome and wipe your feet...

My Kraken Mats Kickstarter order arrived today, and I was getting a bit worried about its voyage from Germany as every other backer seemed to be getting their mitts on the mats before me.

Clearly no grudges were being held for any recent polling decisions, and my feelings of Torschlusspanik were erroneous.

Kraken Mats - Cobblestone City

This is the 4x4' Cobblestone Mat - like Kraken's snow-covered one, but in a better climate.

And it's a beauty: unrolls from its complimentary sling bag without a crease, nice 'mouse mat' material to play on, and contains such a level of photorealistic detail that you want to press your nose against it to take it all in,

It will be a lovely playing surface (I'm thinking Mordheim, SAGA, Frostgrave, Age of Sigmar). The building 'footprints' come with nice details like trapdoors inside (lots of play potential there), and form some lovely alleyways outside - so they're just screaming for buildings of the same size to be placed on top of them (not that I'm exactly speedy when it comes to scenery, but you never know).

Kraken Mats - Space Sector 6B

The second mat was an impulse buy that was offered as a bonus pledge - it was the start of the year, and we'd all got into X-Wing, so a 3x3' starscape seemed a good investment.

Again, it's a lovely one - whereas the cobblestone mat was built to scale and photographed, I'm guessing this was captured from a Hubble Telescope image (since actually having to build a scale galaxy might have pushed them over budget).

Anyway, I'm a very happy backer. Next stage is to find a 6x4' mat for regular Warhammer - since not one of my armies have the same base, I'm thinking a generic grassy green might be the way to go.

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