Sunday, 31 July 2016


Hang about, these aren't Tau.

There's a fair bit of commission work I've agreed to do for General Leofa coming up, and although I'm not on the clock or anything, I was feeling like I'd neglected it a little over the last couple of months. It'll be underway once I've done the Tau, but in the meantime, I thought I'd slip a little extra in.


Assassins! Who doesn't like them, amiright? The new plastic ones are crackers, just as good as they ever looked but with additional basing elements thrown in.

Okay, I'm not a huge fan of GW's parkour policy. It's quite possible to look mean and grimdarky without throwing a backflip off a shattered curb, and it seems like they pull this trick out more often than not these days.

The single points of attachment make the models look a little fragile, although they don't feel it in fairness, and, well, I don't know. Checking back over their releases from the last two months, I think I'm creating more of a middle-aged rant about this than it remotely deserves.


I was very determined not to paint them all black, even though they'd look good doing it. My own Callidus and Vindicare are in black, from back in the day, this lot needed more variation. I tried to do a bit of painted reflection for their simskin, white highlights basically, rather than just slap gloss varnish on them. Felt lazy, that.

So the Eversor is in bright red, because as a terror weapon stealth isn't really his big thing. The Vindicare has camo to match his wall, the Callidus some green latex and the Culexus, always the weirdest looking one, gets to keep the sinister traditional dark look but with some blue grenades for flare.


 Really enjoyed painting these, a very nice set of models. Perhaps we'll see them in action some time soon?


  1. Great work. I *love* that they aren't trad black. The camo Vindicare is particularly standout. Or not. You know what I mean. And the colours on the Eversor and Callidus are nicely subtle. Thanks!

  2. Quoth the raven: "Eversor!"