Sunday, 1 May 2016

Just Gors 2: Nurse! The Gors!

Back to the Beastmen. If I keep swapping genres like this, I'll get culture shock.
Last of the big infantry blocks here, and a mere hatfull of models left to do for the Beasts. Even if doing more Gors is a bit of a drag after an identically sized unit a few weeks back, I like the models too much to complain.

The camera has annoyingly decided that the skin wash is secretly red. They look a lot less partially flayed in the flesh, so to speak. 

The shields could have got designs, but they're so covered in spangly bits random body parts on string that it would have been a challenge. So I kept them plain, although there are colour halves here and there. 

Deep green for the unit's non-brown note this time. Tattoos and facepaint in Kabalite with a little Putrid thrown in on top. And I also discovered that if you paint their noses black with a little stripe down to their lip, they look like adorable kittens. So a few of those. 

Twenty three is a funny number for a unit. I strongly suspect there will be characters to round this up to a proper number for ranks at some point. In the meantime, here's the command section.

Dinah blows his horn.
Why so serious, champion?
Sometimes the Beastmen beat Dark Elf armies and loot their banners. 
Yeah, I know the banner isn't entirely what you might expect a bunch of semi-literate mutants to come up with. Maybe one of them has artistic skills, though. He'd be in a black metal band and paint it on his van if he could, but vans haven't been invented yet. Only character buses.

Yes, it's a bleeding celtic rose vine growing out of a skull. No, I don't think it's over the top.

Don't matter if you're black or white grey or albino

Moving on, here's that size comparison I keep meaning to do.

See why I reckon they've got the same base model on the sculpts?


  1. That banner freehand is fantastic - your best yet.

    1. Cheers! I've got one last one to go for this army, and I suspect he might also double as the BSB as he's got the largest banner of the lot so far. Any suggestions for his design gladly taken, I'm feeling a bit stumped as to how to top this one!

    2. How about a goat's head - half-flesh, half-skull - with eight horns forming the star of Chaos?

      Or have you done a House Bolton flayed man yet?

    3. No chaos stars in this army - the background idea is that chaos influenced their development, many generations ago, but they are not active congregants at the Church of Chaos. I like the half skull half flesh idea though.

    4. long as there's still the Celtic theme unifying all of the units. :-)

  2. More great work. You are worth your weight in gold. Which I am sure is considerable given the hours you spend sat on your butt painting ;-)

    1. My butt alone would cost a fortune.

      Half skull half fresh is on the table, but I'm also toying with something a little different for the last unit now. Inspiration arrived late!

    2. I trust you implicitly.