Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Morghur The Shadowgrave, Master of Skulls, The Corrupter

Or, as his friends know him, Bernard.

A conversion for Morghur, Master of Skulls for Warhammer Age of Sigmar.
"Hey, I didn't graduate Shadowgrave academy to be called 'Bernard'"

It wasn't until I got around to reading the 8th Ed Wood Elf army book (best of the wood elf army books, by the way) that I realised what a big bad Morghur actually is.

He represents the source of all the corruption that produced the Beastmen. Being an avatar of foulness, he doesn't seem overburdened with personality, and he's better judged by the reactions of others: beastmen revere him as a prophet (even while he's turning them into spawn) and Ariel massively hates him. In fact, he does get killed a lot in the Wood Elf book, only to resurface again, like the proverbial bad penny.

A conversion for Morghur, Master of Skulls for Warhammer Age of Sigmar.
"How do you feel?"

Anyway, here's the finished model. The Zombie Troll Shaman gave me quite a nice base to work with, being already festooned with bones and skills, and holding a staff (albeit in the wrong hand).

Usual painting schemes for Gor, and I made his mutated claw a toned-down purple (luckily, it joins at a leather strap around his arm, so I didn't have to attempt to blend it).

My usual snow base was looking far too pure, so I added some tendrils of Typhus Corrosion from his hooves, to represent the corruption literally spreading out from him.

I should really give him with an entourage of Ungor, to provide some cheap troops to mutate. As it is, some Gor will have to draw the short straw.

Of course, now I have Morghur, I'm very tempted to paint up his nemesis Ariel/Alarielle to lead the Wood Elves.

She's got a ticket to ride.


  1. So if you say his name fast enough, are you really just saying 'More Gor'?

    1. It's pronounced in the cod-English, guttural, trilling accent they used to give things gravitas in Lord of the Rings:


    2. "Taggart! There's been a Morrrghurrrr!"