Saturday, 30 April 2016

Tau Long, and Tanks for all the Fish

Tau or Cylon? YOU decide.

This week sees me hitting the larger Tau kits, beginning with their transport, the Devilfish.

It's all been magnetised, this one - the gun at the front (although I haven't made any alternative weapons for it yet), the engine nacelles (if that is their correct name) and the observation hatch (which was missing some bits and now has a drone top glued in place to keep it shut).

Not this one, this is on the side.I put the transfers on earlier this time round, so I could scuff them.

Same overall colour scheme as the Piranha, with the angular DP on top and the sky blue stuff underneath.

Invisible! Unless it's raining. Just like the Predator.

I don't have very much to say about it. I'm too ashamed after the title pun. Nice kit, reminds me a bit of the flying police car in Blade Runner.

Here it is with the drones attached - including the optional turret, the Recon Drone, which slots into place as shown. Something to do with reminding you that if you are carrying said drone, it gives all its buffs to the tank. This can let you do mean things like use it as a non-scattering deep strike marker, for example, which is a nice thing to do with a fast transport tank.

The next tank in line is annoyingly identical - it's got the same chassis. I'm thinking about how to make it look different, although I'm sure the massive guns on top will help.

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