Saturday, 14 May 2016

Taunk Shock

You've seen this tank before. Or it's seen you...

This is a Tau Hammerhead. It's got the exact same chassis as the Devilfish from the last Tau post, and therefore it looks pretty much the same.

Particularly from below, because I haven't changed the paint scheme much.

There are two main differences. The first is the fact that I was running low on key brown paints, as well as wanting to do something a bit different. So I sprayed it Mournfang Brown from one side and Chaos Black from the other. That's the nearest to airbrushing I'm ever likely to do, sadly.

The black side has darker camoflage, which is so dark it's mostly invisible here. Plenty of dark brown in there somewhere.
This side is much more like the other vehicles I've done so far, though.

 Other than the paints, the differences come with the guns.

And a bunch of targeting equipment in the nose turret to help them hit things.
This top turret has a Railgun.

The alternate is a shorter ranged but blastier Ion Cannon.
There's also a hunter-killer missile lurking under the front rail there too.

And that's the Tau's lot for now! I'm going to take a mild break from painting commission work, having just finished one (not much Tau left, just some big kits that need assembly).

Here's all the stuff I've done for this army so far, though. Er, almost all. I couldn't be arsed getting all the drones to stand up on flyer bases, they're a right fiddly pain.

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