Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Woffboot X - While You Were Sleeping

No good Woffboot would be complete without a long, whisky-fuelled discussion stretching on until the early morning.

Painting warhound lips - the perfect hangover cure.

Trained by three years of looking after tiny infants, I woke early after my unexpected return to the Woffboot (just after everyone else had gone) even though I'd been decrying trends in modern games mastery at 0430. General Kas was flat out until midday, so I did what any normal person faced with a slumbering host would do.

I went into his cabinet and painted some of his models.

Screw you too, buddy.

He'd actually done most of both of these already, they were looking good. All I did was horns, fangs, loincloths and weaponry, so it didn't take long. Then I slipped them back into the display case before Kas woke and guessed how long it would take him to notice. If I hadn't told him I'd done some painting when he asked what I'd been doing, I don't think he'd have twigged - he went right past both sets even on fairly close inspection. Minor adjustments, as I said.

Much painting work hauled home, ready for the inevitable onslaught. Eldar, Space Marines and Genestealer Cultists for Leofa, a few Dark Elf Stragglers and some Blightkings for Kas, some assorted odds and ends for both of them. Tau to be finished first, though, and then a bunch of my own stuff to catch up on the Leadpile Promise I foolishly made earlier. That was always a reach, mind you.


  1. It's like a modern-day telling of The Elves and The Shoemaker.
    (sorry Aelfs and The Shoemaker)

    I had a similar experience with early rising: in my case, I got up and started cataloguing Vampire Counts. Although after two days of WoffBoot, both myself and the camera were pretty unfocussed.

  2. Aelfs and the GoreBleeder, I think is the Grimdark version.