Monday, 16 May 2016

Men of the Tain

Last of the Beastmen!

The Bestigor unit was always going to feature lots of dark-skinned beastmen. So many, I eventually decided to give them more of a unified look. First, I sprayed them all black so I could do some fast and lazy drybrushing on all their metal bits.

Although in the event, I got carried away and did a multiple wash and brush method instead. GW's blog featured a very nicely done Ork warlord last Monday who had lots of rusty metal going on and an easy-looking set of instructions to follow on how to copy it. Leadbelcher, Nuln Oil, Agrax, Runefang Silver, Agrax again, Typhus Corrosion details, if memory serves. Course, it all looks pretty black in these photos.

It's a bit of a move away from the other units, who are all vaguely celtic in some way or other. Unless you tenuously count Orange as being Irish. That convincing anyone? Yeah, good, let's go with that. 

So my thinking here is that this lot used to be normal humans, some kind of knights or townguards, and got on the wrong end of something warpy. They cling to their equipment and armour as a memory of better times. 

Their tabards are positively Bretonnian, see? Took a bit of doing, all those stripes. Shame you can't see a damn one of them from the front.

In keeping with this idea, the unit have a regimental standard. Maybe even their own one. 

And we're still keeping it celtic on the even more tenuous grounds that this is based on the coat of arms of the four provinces of Ireland. Ulster's Red Hand, the Leinster Harp, the Crowns of the Lordship of Ireland and some kind of tentacular celtic squiggle, I chickened out of doing Connacht's Arms. Dimidiated Eagles indeed, bah.

 What a nice army this has been to paint. I'd do them all again in a second wait jeez no what am I saying, I'll do some Eldar instead thanks.


  1. Very nicely done. You sold me on the Irish / Celtic thing - I think they'll complement the rest of the army well. Very much looking forward to taking them for a spin! Thank you.

  2. How did you find painting the Bestigor? I like the idea of an elite Beastman, but they models seem a bit monopose (especially for a modern - and expensive - kit)

    Excellent tabard work - I bet you didn't even have to break out the Laundry Pen.

    1. Larry the Laundry got to take this one off, yes.

      They are very monopose, sadly, although I think you could break it up with skin tones, tabards and armour to a certain extent. It's a terrible unit to be on the first rank of, certainly, all those guys behind you are about to wallop you in the head.