Sunday, 15 May 2016

Where's the Beef?

Gor, that was a lot of painting this week. I need a cocktail. Bartender! Make mine a taur one!

Yes, I know, you saw what I did there. Abysmal.

Rounding up the tail end of the Beastmen army come the Minotaurs - nine strong, and featuring some old favourites. Topical old favourites, on account of the all new Warhammer Quest release. For there are no less than six original Warhammer Quest Minotaurs here!

Mad Cow
He likes to moove it moove it

How now?
Steak Tenderiser
Bully's Special Prize
It's Friesian in here! Holstein-Friesian if you want to be pedantic about it. Thanks,

Top work from Leofa in terms of the conversions, there, no risk of further clone armies. Just to really banish that possibility, there's a trio of GW bullies too. I never liked this kit, there's something kind of gross about their muscularity and their hunched shoulders that doesn't work for me. Too orky, almost, and not as dynamic or bloodthirsty as I'd want them. Undeniably heavy and brutal, though, and nice weapons.

The Brown Bull of Cuialngy Chuilnge Culniange George of Clooney
Finnbennach the White
The Black Bull of Blackpool

As any student of muscularity knows, in order to show up your massive pecs to best advantage, you need to oil them up. I also figured these cows would be a sweaty herd, so I put gloss varnish on all the skin. Arnie would be proud.

So many choices! What would you pick?

All that bull put me in a particular mood.

A Reaper Rubber kind of moo-d.
This one will have a water-effect base, but it's not quite dry yet and I'm too impatient to wait. I'll update it later in the week.

 One last unit and the cows are good to come home!

Late edit - here's the watery minotaur without his masking tape collar. 

As you can see, he's standing in aspic. 

Aspic with bits of lapsang tea in it.

It turned out well, but I don't think I'll do it again. This liquid effect works best for small puddles and such, I feel - it took four coats to get the surface anything like smooth, and it still looks like there's a decent current there. No bad thing, but as it dries it tends to cling to whatever is under it, it seems. I also got a miniscus round the edge (removed with scissors) and up the sides of the rock, which doesn't look right. And it used up abut a fifth of the bottle in total - extravagant.

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