Friday, 8 April 2016

Tau Have and Tau Hold

Ah, my ochre playmates, how I've missed you.

Yes, we're back with the Tau. And for me, something of a nostalgia trip this time. If that's the right word for anything painted the colour I see in my sleep these days.


The very first Tau models I painted were Crisis Suits. Back then, I knew almost nothing about the army or its fluff. I know now that these are piloted jump pack armour suits, basically making them an entire unit of Iron Mans. (That's the correct plural for more than one of the superhero, I've just decided,)


This makes me like the army much more immediately! Although I suppose they'd also all crack wise continuously, like Robert Downey Jr does, and that would be unbearable. No wonder the Imperium hates them.

Larry Paul

These guys are a little more battle-worn than my last stab at the same models, thanks to some sponge stippling with Dryad Bark. I put touches of Runefang anywhere the stipples got too heavy, suggesting the metal underneath.

Lincoln Osiris

Tau units typically come with a drone swarm. Lucky me, these guys are no exception.

Painting these guys is like twiglets. I HATE TWIGLETS

 One of these models was actually already painted when delivered. Sherlock, up the top there, had red panels instead of green, and had been undercoated Tau Light Ochre (or maybe Ungor Flesh, they're very similar. And I should know, I see a lot of both) then washed heavily with Agrax, leaving him looking okay but a bit shiny. The old paint mostly got ushered through, bar a layer of TLO and Tyrant Skull.

I'm well past half-way on the Tau commission in terms of model count. But from here on in, everything is much much larger, vehicles mostly. I'm never sure if that's faster or not, we'll have to see how it goes.

Tau Kill a Mockingbird

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