Saturday, 16 April 2016

Band of Hairy Men

Robin Hood Robin Hood
Riding through the Glen!
Robin Hood Robin Hood
Ambushed by Beastmen!
Lincoln Green's too bright
For a Citadel Wood
Robin Hood
Robin Hood
Robin Hood

Ungor Raiders - was there a unit less effective in WFB? Bad at shooting, bad at combat, unreliable and weak. At least they were dirt cheap.

Nice models, at least, in keeping with the high standard of the Beastmen infantry in general. Man, if they'd nailed some of those other troops, like the terrible Razorgor or the manky centaur equivalents, people might have kept buying them and they might have got an 8th Ed army list out of it.

A hint of tartan here and there, bronze arrows, facepaint - it's a bit vague, all of it, I didn't really have a theme I was going for with these guys. Semi-naked savages, that was it, really.

A hero, though, to keep them company. This is a Bray Shaman, an albino one with extra-light skin tones.

Gors are much bigger than Ungors, as you can see a bit in the photo below, they're a lot broader and taller. Painting this lot, though, I think that the Ungors are actually the same sculpts as the Gors from the other week in terms of their bodies. The details are different, but I'd swear the legs, hair and arms are the same, just scaled down. Interesting.

Only three units to go for this lot, not long! And then perhaps we can take them for a spin...


  1. I really like these miniatures (like an evil Mr Tumnus), so I'm trying to find the virtue in them:
    - I assume Beastmen don't have the same 'size matters' rule as greenskins, so using them as chaff would trigger panic tests across a low-Ld army
    - ambushing war machines would seem the best bet (using the End Times update on ambushes, rather than the hamstrung 7th Ed rules)
    - Or maybe you just stick them next to Morguhr, Lord of Skulls and have them as fodder to crank out cheap Spawn.

    1. You're right on the Gors caring (secretly) as much for their lamer cousins as themselves, so an archer screen isn't much use. Especially as Beastmen like to get into combat anyway, and the ungors aren't great archers, so you'd just be hampering your own advance.

      Yeah, ambushing war engine crews is a good use. But they're much better in combat than shooting, especially as crews get to use the war machine's toughness (or something like that, I forget exactly what the rule is). Ten spear-armed raiders on the charge would be a much better bet.

      So, yeah, spawn, I guess. Or massive units for sheer weight of fire?