Sunday, 17 April 2016

A Bicycle Built for Tau

Callsign DZ-DZ, give us your answer do

The Tau Piranha has made it in this week, alongside the unit of Beastmen archers. Two of them, actually, they were both already painted to various extents. Not brilliantly, and they were also both battered, so on first glance they looked a bit rubbish.

The drones in particular were very knackered. I had to use spare parts from other units to replace their guns, and in some cases the guns only stayed on if I glued them to the fuselage for extra stability, hence the uneven look. None of the drones are detachable, sadly, they were all very solidly glued down.

The turret gun on this one rotates left and right, at least.

And this one goes up and down. So that's something.

Amazing what a lick of paint can do, then, given that I started them thinking 'meh' and now think 'okay, it's a nice pair of models'. Tau stuff is weird-looking, all those streamlined surfaces that look like modern plastics and strange hydraulic ankles on their walkers. I'm never quite sure if I like them or not, but they do paint up well. For an army I don't like the look of, there's a lot of very amazing paintjobs out there on the internet.

Not these ones. Not that they're bad, but I wouldn't call myself an amazing painter by a long long stretch. Not compared to the internet, anyway.

These have three-tone desert camoflage (Mournfang Brown, XV88 and Tau Light Ochre if you're interested) on the tops and sky-blue drybrushed stripes underneath. Where nobody is likely to see them, unless they crash and need to be turned upside down.

I like the cockpits a lot. I inverted the paint scheme from the infantry for the pilots, on the thinking that they're airforce types (what the Staff Sergeant called 'Woolly Woofters' back in my cadet days).

That's Wing Commander Woofter to you.

The guy at the front flies, the one at the back just operates a massive pair of turntables. Those aren't engine intakes at the front of the flyer, they're speakers. 

Tau like dubstep.

And now I'm just looking at four large models and some scenery before this job is wrapped. Nice!

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