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Age of Sigmar: The Beastly Storm Breaks

It's been a while since we've had a battle report, much less a fantasy one - so it's back we go to the Age of Sigmar!

Let the Realm of Fire Ignite!
It's All-Skype Fight Night!

WoffBoot X is fast approaching (don't remind me about what I need to paint), and as well as our newfound favourite, X-Wing, we'll be slotting in some Age of Sigmar side action. Since General Leofa was new to the game (compared to the handful of games I had under my belt), we took to Skype to acclimatise to the rules.

We chose a starter set scenario (tweaked for models and preferences): The Storm Breaks. Basically, the side with the most models in the centre after 4 turns will claim victory.


The Winged Wonders, Forces of Order
  • Lord Relictor
  • 3 x Prosecutors with Celestial Hammers and Grandhammer
  • 3 x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins and Stormsurge Trident
  • 5 x Liberators with Warhammer and Shield

Leofa was taking his Stormcast Eternals for the first time, and since his army is themed along the flappy vein, we swapped our the Decimators for Prosecutors, then added another unit of Prosecutors to even out what I was taking.

The scenario rules called for the Relictor and Decimators to suffer random mortal wounds at the start, but we eschewed that as it felt more like an adjustment for a campaign, not a one-off.

The Fang Gang, Forces of Chaos
  • 10 x Gor with Beastshields
  • 3 x Skin Wolves
  • 1 x Cockatrice

My Chaos force chose itself, although I did leave one Skin Wolf at home, as I reckon they have the potential to bulldoze units in small scenarios.

Unlike the set scenario, I have no hero, and half the models (which could be important, as the win condition is about numbers). One the other hand, I am packing a monster (albeit a modest one), so I'm happy enough.

Lacking a character, I nominated one of my Skin Wolves to be in charge.


The board was 4'x2' (which was conveniently the same size as my table). There were some odds and sods of scenery in there, but we eschewed special rules for the tutorial. The only piece of note was the shrine in the centre, which was the effective scoring zone,

The Relictor and Prosecutors sat on the shrine, and the Liberators had to start the game in the heavens until they were thunderbolted down.

I placed the Skin Wolves directly opposite the shrine, as they are my best and most durable unit. The fast-moving Gors went around one flank, and the Cockatrice (which I've learned is a squishy kind of monster) went on the other.

The Game

Beasts Turn 1

Leofa wins the turn roll, but then makes me go first, so I have to run into his missile troops. I duly oblige, tearing forward with the Gor and Skin Wolves.

The Cockatrice is more cautious, flapping behind the Skin Wolves, too far out of range to use his Petrifying Gaze (I was concerned about going too far forward and exposing myself to counter-fire).

With no shooting or combat, it was over to the Stormcasts.

Stormcast Turn 1

The Relictor begins the hero phase by zapping the Skin Wolves with lightning, knocking off a couple of wounds. A further blast of lighting brings down the unit of Liberators in the rear of the Chaos lines.

In the shooting phase, a volley of javelins and hammers rain down on the Skin Wolves, killing one and wounding another. I scrape through the Battleshock phase without further loss.

Beasts Turn 2

Thankfully, I win the roll for the next turn and quickly close the gap on the shrine (leaving the footslogging Liberators in my dust). The Gor run forward, while the Skin Wolves and Cockatrice move up ready to charge.

In the shooting phase, the Cockatrice turns his Petrifying Glare on the Relictor, although he only manages a disappointing two wounds.

Time to charge! The Gors (who are permitted to run and charge) mob around the Javelin Prosecutors, while the Skin Wolves hit the Relictor.

I'm reluctant to send the Cockatrice in, since I think he does better as a ranged nuisance, but I don't have enough troops to be choosy, so I charge with him too. I would have liked to double-up on the Relictor, but I couldn't work out if there was room to fit, so have to settle for the Hammer Prosecutors.

Skin Wolves go first in combat - they're less effective than usual, since they're still blinded from the lighting strike, and they only manage to chip away two wounds on the Relictor, leaving him with one left. He return isn't too effective either, and only does two more wounds to the wolves.

Elsewhere, it's something of a whiffstorm: neither Gors nor Javelin Prosecutors can land a wound, the Cockatrice also fails to damage, and only takes two wounds in return. No models were lost, so not a battleshock to be had.

Stormcast Turn 2

The Liberators start to jog along, as Leofa realises he may not have landed them in the optimum spot.

In the pre-combat shooting phase, the Javelin Prosecutors knock off the second Skin Wolf and damage the last one. The Hammer Prosecutors take off a few more wounds from the Cockatrice.

In combat, the Relictor swings for the final Skin Wolf and misses, then gets smashed to the ground in return.

Against the Javelin Prosecutors, the Gor are holding up pretty well (their Beastshields giving them a combat save equal to a Stormcast, much to Leofa's chagrin), and only lose one of their number. They seem to be striking back with rubber swords, though, as they again fail to get any damage through.

(I later realise I should have been making 'Anarchy and Mayhem' rolls in every round, which would have made them far more formidable)

The poor Cockatrice doesn't have much hope in melee, and cops another four wounds for no reply.

And a final twist in the Battleshock phase - I roll poorly for the Skin Wolves and the one remaining beastie - my general - runs away!

Serve me right for leaving a dog in charge.

Stormcast Turn 3

Though I still have the numerical advantage (not that it will help me in combat, but it may if I can hold on for a win condition), things on the shrine are looking grim. I could really do with winning the next turn - and so naturally I don't.

The Liberators continue their leisurely stroll to the combat zone (it didn't help that Leofa kept rolling ones for their Run movement) and everyone else gets stuck in.

I can't recall if much happened during Shooting, but Combat certainly moved things along: the Cockatrice finally went down to the Celestial Hammers; and the Gor actually managed to kill a Prosecutor, for only one loss themselves.

Only eight more Stormcast to go, and this is in the bag!

Beasts Turn 3

My turn again, after what feels like an age, although I've not much left to play with and it's all committed to combat (I hear this is the common endgame for Chaos forces). Nothing to do by cross my fingers and hope for the best.

I manage to kill a second Javelin Prosecutor, unfortunately the nearest Hammer Prosecutor is *just* within pile-in range of the combat, and so Leofa is able to squeeze some more mileage out of the combat. Although to no avail, as the Gor once again get through the combat.

(Gor really aren't an anvil unit - certainly not in these numbers - I've just been fortunate)

Stormcast Turn 4

My luck runs out in the fourth and final turn. The Liberators amble along in time to watch the remaining Prosecutors go to work. A combination of shooting and combat remove five Gor, and the survivors Battleshock themselves out of there.

The Results

Win for the Stormcast Eternals!

Back to the Realm of Locker Room

Another fun game - nice to see what the Stormcasts can do, and give my own beasties another run-out. It's certainly more fun playing a scenario, especially as I don't think I would have stood a chance in a straight fight. In this one, a little more luck and a lot better judgement might have seen me through.

As a priority, I need to add some heroes to my army - if nothing else, a wizard who can dish out mortal wounds and mystic shields will open up my options. I suspect I also need more Gor - ten just isn't enough to compete.

Still, it was a brisk hour (not bad for a 'learning' game) and a good match. Nice to just grab models and throw them down on the table. I'm remembering what I liked about Age of Sigmar.

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  1. Hooray! A battle report! Thank the Dice Gods, I've got PTSD after that unbroken line of painting for the last month.

    (The T stands for Tau Light Ochre)