Friday, 28 March 2014

Forces of Chaos, Bow to Me!

With the inclusion of the good ship Bully's Special Prize, my army for this year's Woffboot is now complete. Wish they were actually going to be there. Sigh. 

Look at what you could have won

The photos below include no models that I wasn't going to field in one of my five army lists. Not all at once, obviously, that would be hilarious cheating.

Tallest at the back

Mutantiest at the other back

I've had my putative army lists somewhere, but I seem to have lost the file. From what I recall, I had the following themes: -

  • Khornate, led by Daemon Prince, lots of marked troops
  • Tzeentchian, with multiple mounted Sorcerors, lots of marked troops
  • Marauder Horde, with all fifty, the warshrine, both chariots and I think an Archaon wannabe
  • Heavy Heavy Infantry, with Shaggoth, two units of Warriors and the Chosen
  • Mutant Capabilities, with both Mutalith and Warshrine to max my chances of bonus spawn or princes

Blancvik? Is that you?

Lots of nasty blocks of infantry, which is good, but I suspect mobility was always going to be a problem. I did work out a sixth one which had everything mounted. I would have had to use Kas's models, including a twenty-strong unit of marauder horse, so it felt like cheating. 

I really just wanted a sixth list so I could roll a dice. The other option was to give a roll of a 6 a fifty-fifty chance of either my own or the opposite general's choice of list being fielded, but I somehow couldn't see anyone going for that. Reroll seemed like such a wussy option.

Dese is Ma Horders

Go on, admit it. None of you will be shedding an entirely honest tear that I'm not going to make it. Not after you saw the spawn pack and the marauder horde.

Ominous floating or weak photoshopping? You decide.


  1. Awesome! Real shame not to see them this time round.

  2. That is one fearsome looking army! How many points in total?

    Well done on keeping the theme (I would say 'unity', but that's not really chaotic), it becomes apparent when you step back and look at it.

    How long have you been at the army now - 18 months? By WoffBoot standards, that's quick work.

  3. 18 months is about right, I think. Apparently I work quite fast, especially considering there's a Hobbit box set and all those damn zombies out there as well.

    No real idea on full points total, especially as Chaos armies are a) very variable and b) hugely expensive. I think I could field 3000 fairly comfortably, though it might actually be more. What I still lack is speed, so if I ever get more of them, it'll be riders.

    And I'm quite surprised at how cohesive the army looks, especially given I tend to paint in quite bright colours and damn the consequences. Lots of bone and leather seems to be the trick. I suppose I did keep similar base colours on both sets of marauders, for example, using Terracotta and Snakebite Leather for a lot of their gear.