Thursday, 13 March 2014

Shamans - They're Grrrrreat!

I've been looking forward to this one for a while: my original Savage Orc shaman. Now he's got a couple of shaman flunkies, I decided to promote him to a Great Shaman.

Being just an infantry model, I thought he needed something to show his elevated status, so I made him a little cairn to stand upon.

Classic Savage Orc Great Shaman
The rocks are cunningly sculpted from rock.

The pose of the model helps out with this, since the raised arms look like he's preaching from the Mount.

Classic Savage Orc Great Shaman
"Blessed are the squigs..." 

Here was the original colour scheme I had to atone for:

Classic Savage Orc Great Shaman
Glam Rock.

And here's what we got:

Skullfink da Arkane

"Skullfink da Arkane is da prophet of da Paleolithic Waaagh! When 'ee finks deep and profound fings, da powers of Gork (or possibly Mork) flow through 'is noggin, and come out through 'is peepers."

"Also, he paintz 'is chin wiv dags, which iz symbolic of the Aristotelian triangle of Rhetoric. Waaagh!"

Classic Savage Orc Great Shaman
Rock On.

It's the usual army-style of bleached bone and earth tones. The cape still looks nicely russet, without coming out ginger, and I added some racial variation to the severed heads around his belt, just to break it up (equal opportunity decapitator).

The new technique I tried out was to make his eyes glowing (overflowing with Waaagh! energy, you understand). This involved painting his eyes pure white (with a very little brush), outlining them with Golden Yellow, then applying a thicker outline of Goblin Green/Golden Yellow around the eyes (like swimming goggles). After that, I drybrushed over the edges with more Golden Yellow and finished with a dot of white in the centre.

I think it came out okay - although if I wanted to do an eerie green glow, I probably shouldn't have picked a greenskin to do it on.

Classic Savage Orc Great Shaman
Bottom right corner: Skullfink's predecessor.

So this gives me a big more magical muscle, and brings my Savage Waaagh! one step closer to completion.

More importantly, three shamans at different heights lets me do my That Was The Week That Was gag...

Classic Savage Orc Great Shaman
"I look down on him, because I am Big Waaagh"
"I am Little Waaagh! I look up to him, but down on him".
"I know my place."

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  1. Nice! I've always looked a bit askance at source lighting painting, it very rarely looks quite right to me. Too dependent on background lighting to be effective. But that's spot on, that is, as is the base! Which reminds me, I need some gravel.