Sunday, 23 March 2014

Sarah Vaughan, Take It Away

Chaos maracas. Cha cha cha.

My shrine has sails that proclaim your doom

The decks are trimmed with spikes

Port - got my running light colours backwards, but, never mind. Chaos. 

This Daemonic face

Looks not out-of-place
Which our General, Kraken, Likes

I certainly do. Yaaarrrr.

My shrine's aglow with unholy light

It's blessed by every god

It's all pukka, though
This marauder's bow
Is a wee bit odd

If Legolas had a Mohican

The anchor you see

May not be A.P.
But can bite off foemen's heads

But these skulls and such
Well, they don't mean much
For there's still one thing I dread

Painting equivalent of a combover to distract from the lumpen arm

I will not care if the ogres win

Or Kas romps the 'Boot again

If the shrine I've made
Doesn't make the grade

And makes spawn of all my men

I even rigged it. Absurd.

Warriors of Chaos Warshrine


  1. That is magnificent! Excellent work on the scratch-build and painting - it's one hell of a centrepiece.

    The only question is: how are you going to get that to the WoffBoot? Will it need its own seat on the plane?

  2. Ahah, well, there's an easy, two-part answer for that.

    1. The base can still easily be removed, it's not glued down. And I fully intend in the future to re-rig the mast with magnets and better, potentially chain-based rigging.

    2. Rather sadly, I won't be able to come this year after all. Work commitments and financial limitations have both played their part, so I shall be doing some filming work over here instead. Exciting, but very disappointing, I was very much planning on being present!

    1. Well, that's a damn shame (about missing the WoffBoot, not the removable base). We'll miss you - book yourself in for WoffBoot IX and keep an eye skinned for any MidBoot opportunities.

      *cancels research on how to bring down a Chaos Warshrine*

  3. Some other notes on the painting and construction: -

    - My new best paint friend is Pallid Wych Flesh, which makes an excellent final highlight over browns or a very good undercoat for white, especially on fabric areas.

    - The mast was a total bitch to put up, and is not going to be a lasting joint in its present state. It's done at the moment with a pretty crude blob of greenstuff and then heaps of PVA (covered with BftBG paint so the detailed skulls in the hold are still visible, just), but I doubt it will cope with much travel or indeed use. Not that it's likely to see either of those for a while, curse curse.

    - The hull looks decent from a distance, but it's fairly crude up close. Luckily, the model is awash with other focal points to distract the eye. That demon face at the back in particular - you can tell it's intended for the front, it really is a very striking bit of modelling.

    - As you can tell, I abandoned the idea of oars in the end. Too fragile, too dubious-looking and they'd probably be shipped anyway if you're under sail.

    - The ship's helm is the head of the flail from the chariot model. I had wondered about using a chaos warrior's head, purely for the helm-based puns I could crack, but this was slimmer and nicer.

    - It's still not watertight.

    1. Oops, wrong button.

      - The rigging is very ordinary black thread, tied into position and then superglued before a couple of extra twists were put in for tension. The sail has tiny triangles of cornflakes packet glued on the corners to stop the thread tearing through, and pushing a needle through that was a bloody mess. Literally.

      - The word 'doom' on the sail is a bit of an afterthought. The legend 'Belle Epoque' was more heavily embossed into the foil than I thought, and was pretty obvious in a certain light (most certain lights, in fact). So I decided it wasn't a bug but a feature, and made the most of it. I'm surprisingly happy with the freehand sail, although for some reason it reminds me of the label on one of the bottled beers I like. Not sure which one. Doombar?

  4. I cannot wait to see this in the flesh (?) at some point. Splendid.