Monday, 3 March 2014

Th'Orc For The Day

I have arrived at a conclusion as to why this Savage Orc army seems to be taking such a long time to complete...

I'd get there faster if I stopped buying more of the damn things on eBay.

Savage Orc Big Boss
"Put him in the Dettol bath!"

This particular Savage Orc Big Boss stormed my letterbox this morning. It's the only command model of the '92 metal range that I haven't got - and so I really didn't have a choice in the matter.

In fact, totting up the collection, I have almost all of that savage orc range: command, boyz, arrer boyz and boar boyz. A total of 41 different models (we're not talking about the subsequent 7-type monopose range of change-a-weapon-and-repeat).

I'm short just 3 infantry models, that are apparently so unpopular (or carefully hoarded) that I've never even seen them on the market.

Of course, the army's complete now. So even if I saw them, I wouldn't want them. No sir, not at all...

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