Monday, 31 March 2014

They're making a what now?

Well now this is interesting.

Even if I wasn't a dyed-in-the-wool computer game addict, I think my other hobby fanaticism would be stoked by this recent announcement.

It's got rats!
It's got men!
It's got rat-on-man action! Hot hot hot!
A Canadian company are making a Mordheim game for the PC, is the gist of what I learned on PC Gamer's website earlier tonight. It will be turn-based and tactical and seems to promise to stick to the source material quite closely. This seems to be in keeping with most of the recent GW translations to game, actually, I suspect they stipulate the terms of the game to be made very closely so they don't lose control of the IP.

All of GW's titles are going to end up on PC sooner or later, I suspect, but I suppose their deceased back catalogue of specialist games will make it there sooner. As Space Hulk (solid but dull), Talisman (why?), Warhammer Quest (for tablet, so I haven't played it, but supposed to be excellent) and Bloodbowl (actually surprisingly good if graphically and sonically irritating) already have. Necromunda still remains my greatest hope as I liked the game and the fluff better, but this, well, this could certainly fill some holes in the meantime.

Such as a running online Woffenheim that I wouldn't need to pay airfares to get to, for example...


  1. That looks promising - although I would feel honour-bound to only pick the warriors that I could represent with three-dimensional figures.

  2. Online Woffheim - it could work.