Friday, 14 May 2021

INT: Industrial Clutter


It's been a good year for scenery here so far. Here's some more!

Archon's Dungeons and Lasers II kickstarted last year. Having finished painting the shedloads of sci-fi corridors I got from the original, I was sorely tempted by this one too. In the end, it seemed like the new designs were just too similar to what I already had to be worth it. However, I loved all the scatter terrain stuff from no. 1 so much, I did back it for the stretch goals. 

And some extra clips. 

Special half-clips to help a second story stay on, a handy touch. Although I realise with a sinking feeling that they will need painting at some point. 

And a single set of the half-height walls. 

Temple of the Operators, this theme is. Make for great balcony walls or for something to hide behind half-way across a room.

The bridge is another excellent bit of terrain, chunky and heavy enough to sit where it's put.

It still only came to about 45 quid including postage, so very well worth the price of entry for the utter tons of stuff that were the stretch goals this time. The third instalment is currently underway on Kickstarter right now, a fantasy village with some great plastic NPC models. Take a look, it's good stuff!

Laser bars - I decided they weren't quite glowy enough after this pic and went back for another round of yellow highlighting and orange ink.

Which you totally can't see properly in this photo.

I really like these piles of broken floor, they sit in a corner perfectly.

I got stuck right into the painting, sorting out all the new walls and some of the futuristic scatter terrain over the last week. Good fun, all quick pieces that look really good with a lick of slap on. Plenty more to come, of course, which will either get done as they are or used in bases or diorama-style terrain as I get to it. 

Small concrete wall. 

The baby alien fairy model is matched only in brilliance by the fairy dragon familiar, but my daughters snapped that one up the second they saw it.

Someone's called the wrong Emperor.

More 40K on the horizon - I'm expecting the Crypt Angels to turn up again for a commission batch any day now - but I'll be happily painting this stuff until then!

The broken vending machine from the original set is one of my all-time favourite bits of scatter, so it's nice to have a working one to go with it. The totally-not-a-dalek is also a cracker.

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