Monday, 19 April 2021

INT: Hive City, Night


Time to take the tour.

Now that I've finished all the Necromunda stuff*, it was definitely time to lay it all out and take some photos.

Except I couldn't, it won't all fit on one table. 

Okay, that's not strictly true. It could fit on one table, but it would just be a big pile of mismatched components. Which it is, don't get me wrong - this is four relatively disparate sets of terrain painted across several years, it's never going to be a perfect match. A fair bit of each got left in the boxes. Card tiles, pdf walls, 3D plastic and scratch built, plus the mat underneath, it's a lot to tie together. 

Works fine for a Hive City tangle, though! And I'm well pleased with it all. Even some of the photos came out well, something I always make harder than it should be. 

Spot the Delaque

Nine gangs out tonight. The Chaos Cultists couldn't make it, they were one box too many to open (or maybe they'd all fallen down a chasm again), but I've got the main houses covered. Plus a guest appearance from scrappy lead old-timers The Warthogs, some of the very first models I ever put up on the blog. 

Nuff sed, really. Hope you like the photos! Tune in at some point in the future when this stuff actually gets some action in a game. For which I have a plan...

"Oh god. I've walked into the wrong franchise."

That's the whole lot. 3'x4'x9", roughly, and fairly precarious. A good night out waiting to happen, though!

*that I currently own, it goes almost without saying


  1. Wow, simply awesome to see it all together! Well done sir!

  2. Beautiful sight - and well done for getting it altogether.
    (and shout-out to The Warthogs!)

  3. Very impressive dude. Love the reds and the metallics

  4. If you dont use all that terrain in a battle report, I'll be a sad person :)