Friday, 16 April 2021

Woop Woop

 It's the noise that law enforcement makes.

The Palanite Enforcers and Subjugators have been a long time coming. After a year and a half in the doughnut shop, I finally got them out on the beat, cracking skulls and taking names. And wallets. 

Great models, some of the best of the Necromunda range (and that's high praise from me, I love this stuff). They look like really mean riot cops, very much the part they have - the big shoulders, the slightly rigid and encumbered poses. Even though the bigger ones are on 30mm bases, they still come across as normal humans to me, just wearing daft amounts of gear. 

They're a funny gang in the game - a few really good skills that help them back each other up. The gear and armour is very solid, as you'd expect (with reinforced Flak Armour that's on par with the best in the game). But they're no better at shooting or not dying than any other gang, totally average stat lines. Should be fun to try out!

The flak armour is done in Martian Red colourshift paint, and there's a couple of Greenstuff World transfers in amongst the GW stuff too. I thought the Sarge and his right-hand man could have their own insignia on their shields for fun, but the skull-eagle of Necromunda and the skull-portcullis of the Palanites are both too good to pass up. 

Subjugator Captain Ayzo 'Spades' Okullie, head of Armoury Row Law Enforcement (A.R.L.O.)

Not the best photos, even by my lousy standards. My phone wasn't feeling up to the task tonight, and I didn't get all the scenery out. But that's just because I'm saving it for a really big photoshoot over the weekend, because the Dark Uprising box is now completely finished!

The colourshift has turned out really well (painted on to gloss black, more gloss varnish at the end), but it's impossible to get in photos. Compare this one with the light shining on to him...

...with this one, who has the light behind, and you can see the shift from yellow to red on his shoulders pretty well. 

Notorious P.I.G.

Late edit - here's an attempt to capture the colourshift in video!


  1. They do look great, really lovely models too. I've not seen the effect of colour-shift works, so those two pics are very interesting. Perhaps a short video would show the effect even better?

    1. It certainly would! If only I was technically competent...

      I'll have a go and see what I can manage, check back later!

    2. That works well! Really does look cool