Thursday, 11 October 2018

Brawny Brawny Banks

Time for a song.

O you'll take the High Troll

And I'll take the Low Troll

And let's hope these Ogres ignore us

Although Low Trolls are low,
So my hit points are also
And there's no potions left to restore us

 Very nice set of assorted large blokes, these were. They aren't actually as big as you might hope, actually, mostly about the same size as the Ogryns in the last post. Something about the sculpting here and there makes me think they might have been intended as larger, mostly the size of their decorative skulls compared to the size of the hero miniatures' heads. But the Massive Darkness board squares often get crowded, so restrained base sizes is no bad thing!

And that, my friends, means only four monsters left for the Massive Darkness Full House! Tune in next week (if not before) and I'll see if I can get them done by then.

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