Saturday, 20 August 2016

Get Out of the Kitchen

I do my painting in our kitchen.

Where the heat is so intense, this sword has gone all curly.

The light's okay, the chairs are comfy, and if I'm careful and put an old tablecloth out, I don't wreck anything with paint flecks. Apart from my eyesight over the long years.

I fixed it about four times with the hot water treatment, and it basically looks fine from most angles anyway, but it's really not taking a remould. Dammit.

These six have been slowly getting done over the last three weeks, sitting on the side of whatever else I was painting that week and accruing base colours. They weren't really the main focus, so it felt like I wasn't really making much progress on them.

Human Barbarian - we've done this one before, twice. His face came out well this time. 

When I came down to finish them off, though, it took almost no time - beyond a quick highlight and some fine detail, they'd gradually gotten done. Felt good to get them finished, though.

Naiad Demonhunter

Dungeon Saga heroes, all six - mostly so that I've got painted good guys for the ongoing Infernal Crypts campaign with Kas. But two extras as well, the Druid Dryad and Salamander Barbarian from the Warlord of Galahir orc campaign.

The Reverend Woody

Nice sculpts, too. I realise I need to sort the cleric's eyes out and paint the strap on the Wizard's satchel (I often get overexcited near the end of a project and forget a couple of fine details, which always leap out in photography), but I'm pretty happy with them.

Human Cleric - super thin, bendy chain. Amazing that it hasn't bent, but the salamander's scimitar has. Bah,

Paint schemes mostly from the illustrations, I wasn't feeling too inspired, but the Wizard and Barbarian are staying in my collection this time, so I made stuff up for them. Or tried to, at least, as it turns out they look pretty close to the colours they've got in Infernal Crypts. So much for my imagination.

Human Wizard

Something topical for next week, I reckon!

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