Saturday, 6 August 2016

EXT: Ivory Tauers

40K Terrain? Okay, if you insist.

The Tau Tidewall has a lot of ridiculous rules as its main selling point. A force field that bounces stray shots back at the enemy whilst letting everyone on it shoot twice? And it can move? Oh, GW under the last CEO, come back, nobody misses you but we'd all quite like to put a quick boot in.

It's fully operational. Apart from actual shooting, you'd have someone's eye out. Rotates and stuff though.

Mind you, it looks fairly tasty too. There are three component sets, each with their own dishy control centre. One for the shielded firing point, one for the massive railgun tower and one for the drones.

Got to love a transparent plastic inset.

Drones. It had to have drones. There are probably some Tau models with no drones involved, but I'm yet to encounter them. That is one model I am never going to want to paint again so long as I live. (cue General Kas finding some awful drone-based bargain on eBay.)

They're in dirty white for several reasons.

  1. That's what Kas asked for
  2. Dirty white is so much easier to paint than clean white because it doesn't matter if it's not perfect
  3. It made me feel like I was painting a trio of tiny Millenium Falcons

But I did manage to slip some Tau Light Ochre in there too, so honour was satisfied.

You can stick it all together in various configurations, including a reversible endcap for the shieldwall. It clearly works best with multiple shieldwalls, though, the sneaky buggers.

Just a lone model left for the Tau of the T'Pau sept. Just one, but a big one.

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