Monday, 12 May 2014


The rumours are true - a new edition of 40K is coming.

That's not why my jaw is slack, it's about as surprising as facing a Nurgle daemon horde at a Woffboot these days. My jaw is slack at hearing key designer Jervis (on the GW homesite newspage today) refer to a new system of 'unbound armies', where you can take whatever you want within points limits.

Whatever you want.

I guess sales must be dipping again; I can only dream in twitching spasms about the horror this could unleash on 9th ed Warhammer, which will presumably be swung on us by year's end. But talk of all-special-character armies or massed ranks of nothing but Land Raiders does do the job - it makes me remember the original Rogue Trader, where you could design your own vehicles by points cost.

It's good and bad, open to terrible flights of potent rule maxing as well as creative fluff heaven. And yours is to say which of those is good and bad, of course. But it certainly does the job. I suddenly have a sparkle of interest in 40K again...


  1. Admittedly, I'm never the pioneer of changing systems, but if 9th Ed WFB does go likewise crazy, we should look at the WoffBoot as an 8th Ed haven (the most fun I've had playing battles, despite my loss ratio going up) - or, if all bets are off with maxing out armies, introducing a formal comp score.

    Or maybe, you know, embrace change and all that crap.

  2. Most of my interest is based round the fact that I might be already able to field a 40K Grey Knights army based on inquisitors, retinues and the odd special. I guess I could really cross my fingers that 9th ed WFB goes completely balls-out nuts, and I could field that at the next 'Boot. You know, now I've got my money's worth from the WoC.

  3. That's fair enough, but if WoffBoot IX is an all-hexwraith army vs an all-doomfire warlock army, then I'm fielding an all-mangler squig army.

  4. LOL sounds like a plan to me :)

  5. Apparently there is a bonus for not going unbound.

    Plus I like playing with people and don't really want to be "that guy"... he doesn't get to play much!

    1. ... well not "completely" that guy anyway!

    2. ... plus I only have 10 warlocks

  6. If armies do become unbound, then we just need to add a simple amendment: no proxies and no unpainteds.

    Anyone mad enough to buy and paint three dragons for a single list deserves to field them!

  7. And in the meantime - ahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahaaaa