Friday, 16 May 2014


The eagle-eyed amongst you might have spotted the Nurgle-marked marauders in my last post.

Obviously, the most important thing for my army right now is more marauders. Chancing upon a rogue pocket of 25mm bases tucked in the bottom of my Space Hulk stuff (and I have no idea why I'd put them there either), it was clear to me that this was a message to build more.

The gospel according to Photobombed!

Why Nurgle? Partly for fluff, partly for the rules mix. If you're going to hit last, may as well minimize the chances of being killed first. And nothing says 'spinally deformed due to crippling bone disease' than my mismatched model part selection. Zombie spares, viking bits, marauders, WoCs old and new - it's all good.

You don't need to keep two hands on your great weapon all the time. These three all have variants on the traditional 'come and have a go if you think you're hard enough' taunt.
Of course, you might just not have enough actual hands to fill the 2-handed-weapon quota. 

Mortal Nurgle armies can't have death's heads any more. Someone should tell him.
Ancient ordinance states that all Nurgle units must have at least one 'guts out' model. 
'Skeletor - the Early Days'? Or 'Two Handed Two Face'? You decide.

A little unit filler, just in case I feel the need to have a Nurgley sorceror around. And because 14 bases, the number I'd found, felt an odd size for a unit. He could equally be the unit champion, perhaps.

This old chap in the middle has come out of retirement as the musician. I'm in two minds here - do I repaint his skin to match the others or stick with the old job? It's crude but effective, so it's staying for now. And equally, he could also be a champion too.

Nurgle types feel no pain, the fluff reminds us constantly. That's what this dufflepud bannerman is thinking through clenched teeth. The flames, though - it's a bit Tzeentchian. I may need to do a bit of swapping about at some point.

Painting Notes: -

  • Other than substituting blue or red for dull greens, these guys have the same leathery palette as the other marauders.
  • Skin tones are a base of Dwarf Flesh, a Flesh Wash coat, then a red ink one for deep skin creases. Highlighted with Dwarf and Kislev fleshes. A final sickly highlight of Rotting Flesh to keep them looking ill. 
  • Golden Yellow is more of a Tzeentchian colour, really, but it's also the unifying colour for all the marauders. I've smeared Black Ink washes or the special effects mud stuff on these guys to dull it down a bit.
  • I tried for leaky pus round the eyes in places, with Bad Moon Yellow daubed on heavily. Not sure it worked. 

A handy unit, although fairly expensive as marauders go. 210 for 15 with full command, light armour, Mark of Nurgle and great weapons - perhaps one day we'll see if it's any good.

Bell, Book and Human Candle
Nice to have a big guy to work on as a break from a unit. Having done horses with man heads before to good effect, time to try the reverse mutation.

This is an old lead minotaur (courtesy of Gen. Leofa) with a chariot horse head and the hacked up hands of the Shaggoth. The hook is a marauder flail head, the axe is from a Heroquest ogre lord. The hair is from Bros, c.1987.

The body hair looks particularly mutanty on the back, where the greenstuff bald patches make it look as though he's growing extra buttocks on his shoulders. Result 3983 on the original Slaves to Darkness chart, I recall.

The Eye Looks Away, Blinking In Revulsion
 A couple more like this, and I've got the parts for them, and that Chaos Ogre unit is a go!

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  1. Suitably insane conversions, as always. Love the Dufflepud - is there nothing the Giant kit can't be used for?