Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Four Whorsemen

I suppose, grudgingly, that Slaanesh ought to have some kind of representation in my army. I've got marks for the other three. It goes against the grain, though. Tzeentch 'til I die, yo.

I said I had the parts, so here they are. As ever, you can play 'spot the Giant parts' throughout. You could consider my whole army a long and drawn-out Giant conversion, actually.

A unit of four, giving me a set of actual chaos ogres rather than relying on the goodwill of my opponent to let me field a minotaur, a troll and two ogres in Empire gear as such. The other chariot horsehead got a sprue pole covered in marauder flail heads and a big shield made from a Mierce base with a warshrine icon stuck on. That's as near to a banner as this lot are going to get.

This one has his head courtesy of a Battlemasters empire knight; as with the others, his body is an old GW lead minotaur. This was a decent enough set of casts, I thought, although the heads weren't brilliant. I don't like the current ones, there's something odd about their super steroid muscles to my eye, although I'm sure it's a good kit.

After that, I ran out of horse heads.

The champion's not called an Ogre Mutant for nothing.

Famous deformed vagina painter H. R. Geiger died last week. Having gifted the games community with a lot of very disappointing Alien ripoffs, I felt moved by my lack of horse heads to do something vaguely tributey. So this is the unit champion, whose head is equal parts greenstuff and zoanthope.

Interestingly*, I got the zoanthrope cheap in a GW sale, of the kind they never do any more - straight out of a box of returned, damaged or broken bits they were flogging off for a pittance. Can't remember what I used the rest of it for, although I know I've got its claws on my lone Fiend model. The head had no face, just a smooth lead bump. Now it's got a wibbly flesh pipe with a skull in it, which may or may not be an improvement.

As a unit, four panic-immune monsters are relatively cheap, a decent option for an MSU list. Another potential flanking unit, and I could always use them to mask the other four monsters for a pack of eight. If I was feeling cheesy and wanted those full supporting attacks.

In other news, two more updated paint jobs. First, a lead Reaper devil.

I have two, but the other's weapon (a rather fine trident) is broken and beyond my repair capacity. The old job had taken a beating over the years and wanted redoing anyway. Nice model, don't know that I'd use it in the WoCs though. Bit scrawny for a Daemon Prince. Also a bit too much like Punch.

That's the way to do it

Second is my favourite spawn model. I was pretty sure I already had a 'before' shot, but I was wrong. This is sad, because the original paint job was a lucky fluke. I slopped some Orc Flesh Green on that hadn't been shaken properly, and the resulting uneven, slimy, separated green mix was very effective. But I wanted to update it and maybe even base it, and fill in the poor join round the head with greenstuff.

Double fail - it's too big for a 40mm base, so I'm reconsidering that for now. And although the new paint job is better (more deliberate, better definition and weirder eyes, plus you can't see the floor through the equivalent of its neck any more), the second layer of 'Ardcoat has done that rotten opaque grey thing it sometimes does. Arse. Ah well, it's still a lovely bubbling slime puddle. They can't take that away from me.

The way you dissolve your victims
The way your multiple orifices gibber

*Author's definition of 'interesting' may differ wildly from official norms

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