Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Red Falcons

Speaking of army lists, here's what I'd pick for the defence of Rotefalk!

The Grey, a Battle Wizard @289 points, with

  • Level 4 Lore of Shadows
  • Barded Warhorse
  • Power Scroll
  • Dispel Scroll

Marshall Portrauber, an Empire General @168 points, with

  • Pistol
  • Full plate
  • Barded warhorse 
  • Armour of Fortune

The Grandmaster of the Rotefalk Riders, a Grand Master @161 points, with

  • Great weapon

Sergeant Cash, a Captain of the Empire @155 points, with

  • Battle Standard Bearer
  • The Griffon Standard
  • Handgun
  • Heavy armour
  • Shield

The Red Falcon, Bright Battle Wizard @80 points, with

  • Sceptre of Stability

Master Gunner Jorgun Grise, a master engineer @85 points, with

  • Hochland Long Rifle

Rev. Lukas Tochblauster, a Warrior Priest @70 points, with

  • Enchanted Shield

Septon Gervase, a Warrior Priest @65 points

Bodo Scharfricht, a Witch Hunter @80 points, with

  • Ruby Ring of Ruin
  • Brace of Pistols

The Falconeers, a unit of 50 Halberdiers @740 points, with

  • Shields
  • Full Command
  • A Detachment of 20 Crossbowmen
  • A Detachment of 20 Handgunners

The Rotefalk Riders, a unit of 15 Empire Knights @360 points, with

  • Full Command

The Red Portcullis, a unit of 20 Greatswords @405 points, with

  • Full Command
  • Lichbone Pennant
  • 2 Detachments of 10 archers each

Ermintrude, a Great Cannon @120 points

Meinhilde, a Great Cannon @120 points

Roswitha, a Mortar @100 points

TOTAL - 2998

You could consider this a 'historical' list - no scouts or outriders, as per the fluff, and plenty of characters that would be propping up the bar in the Wyrdfire. I haven't really checked it through carefully, so please keep me honest if you spot flagrant rules avoidance or spurious maths. I'm prone to both.

On the off-chance that this sequence of fights ever gets played, I'd also suggest that one-shot items in this list are gone once they're used and not replenished; also that once the spells are rolled in the first match only and persisted with afterwards. 

These are suggestions, of course, I'm sure it would be tough enough just getting through six back-to-back battles! 

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  1. Making the Grey Wizard a Loremaster would solve the issue of whether to roll for new spells, as well as being in line with the scenario fluff.

    The army itself looks like a big damn anvil to break upon, and not very different from my 3,000pt force that got tabled twice by Kasfunatu's Ogres/Vampires (so maybe I shouldn't be put in charge of it...)