Thursday, 24 April 2014

Big Stabbas, Big Finish

And so the Savage Orc Waaagh! is complete. I have painted and converted every unit I wanted, and it's all been done by the WoffBoot deadline.

Except, except, except...

I still have three models remaining from my original leadpile (four models, if you include impulse purchases):
  • A musician (I already have four of the same)
  • A standard bearer (two of the same)
  • A shaman (one other, plus I don't need any more Big Waaagh! magic)
  • A big boss (unique, but if I did need extra characters, they wouldn't look so skippy)

Look who's in the Reject Bin: the Raggy Dolls of my Savage Orcs.

Now, a rational person might just pop them on eBay (or back into the leadpile), declare the army finished and be quite glad about it. But I promised myself at the start of this project (in the heady days of September 2012) that I would use each and every model I had amassed, so rationality was going for a Burton.

Also I realised that, despite having a fairly hefty Savage Orc army, I lacked their new unit upgrade: the Big Stabba.

Clippers out.

Savage Orc Big Stabba conversion
"I'm Leaning On A Stabba At the Corner Of The Street."
George Formby (if he were a serial killer)

First conversion wasn't much of a stretch, since the standard bearer was already holding a pole. I used greenstuff to extend the shaft to the ground, and to add wood effect, then stuck the plastic spear tip from the Savage Orc Boar Boyz on top.

He was going to be the Big Stabba for the 'Awk Eyes, so I added a bit of a bird-of-prey theme (figuring the arrer boyz would be best at downing flying creatures): a raptor-curved axe and a bird-skull hat.

Savage Orc Big Stabba conversion
Bird Brain.

Big Stabbas are usually mounted on double-bases, and it's a useful reminder (since they are only effective when there are two or more ranks present). I toyed with a number of scenery fillers to add to his base, but decided on a wee snotling retainer (with matching warpaint).

Savage Orc Big Stabba conversion
One man and his snot.

I repositioned the snotling's arms, so he could carry a extra set of bow and arrows. I like the idea that this Big Stabba has a little golf caddy.

Savage Orc Big Stabba conversion
"Would sir care for the 5 Iron?"

The next conversion was the musician, which was trickier, as it involved removing both hands, resculpting the face, shaping a new ear, and repositioning one of the wrists at a frankly impossible angle.

Savage Orc Big Stabba conversion
Luckily, none of that shows from the side.
The spear shaft was just greenstuff over wire, the hands and spear blade were from the Savage Orc Boar Boyz box (when you consider that I've never used any of the actual riders, I've had a lot of value from that kit).

As luck would have it, I had a little snotling who was holding a spear in the same position. I had to bring these two together.

Savage Orc Big Stabba conversion
Stabtoe and Son.

I also tried a new colour scheme for the snotlings: Bilious Green with a Green Ink (Coat D'Arms) wash and Bilious Green highlights. It looks suitable snotty, so I'll file it away for future reference.

For consistency, I went back and repainted the snotling beneath my Giant the same colour. Of course I did.

Savage Orc Big Stabba conversion
Now in 3D!
(Goblin Town still looks fake)

What's that you say? That's a pretty big stabba?


Savage Orc Big Stabba conversion
*That's* a Big Stabba!

This precarious-looking model is carrying the actual big stabba from the plastic kit. It's intended to be carried by two orcs, but he used to be a Big Boss, so I'm sure he's up to the task.

Savage Orc Big Stabba conversion
Snatch, clean and jerk.

He only required a quick conversion (which was good, because I was running out of time): reversing his left hand to grasp the stabba.

I tried several pieces of scenery on his base, but given the way he is moving, every one looked like it was about to trip him over (which wasn't that threatening). So until I find something for him, he gets the extra leg room.

Savage Orc Big Stabba conversion
Now in 3D!
(the barrel chase is still rubbish)

I gave them all warpaint to fit into their unit (skulls, half-face, bandanna). But when I saw that they all had rather impressive bellies, I gave them a unique orky glyph of their own, to show they all belonged to the Brotherhood of the Big Stabba.

The final model, however, was out of luck. I had run out of stabbas, and run out of units that needed them.

Savage Orc unit filler conversion
Pictured: hard cheese.

This was originally a shaman, but the poor sod had his magical bone staff removed (try not to wince), fur cloak trimmed, and belly-skull amputated. On the upside, he did get two lovely new weapons from the (you guessed it) Savage Orc Boar Boyz kit.

Savage Orc unit filler conversion
"I'm back here!"

I've never tried unit fillers before, but I thought I'd give this one a go. Here he is, mounted on a 50mm base - although possibly it needs a bit more scenery on it.

Savage Orc unit filler conversion
Yep, That'll do it.

As stated in the fluff: "Big Stabbas were originally used to hunt enormous reptilian beasts." - so I thought I'd better depict one.

Savage Orc unit filler conversion
The axe either represents the killing blow, or some orc has just left it there for safekeeping.

The alternate head from the Stegadon kit - nothing fancy needed here, as it was already decapitated (or should that be 'decorputated', since the head is all that's left?).

As with the severed giant's head, I added some greenstuff 'mush' to represent mangled flesh. And then, as afterthought, stuck an axe into its head.

Savage Orc unit filler conversion
Not much blood on the ground. So I assume it wasn't killed here.
He must just carry it with him wherever he goes.

I avoided the bright colours of lizardmen (reds, blues, turquoises), as I wanted it to blend in with the unit. I also had my pot of Blood for the Blood God paint open, and didn't want to spoil my canvas.

The Stegadon was painted Tallarn Sand, with Agrax Earthshade wash, then Tallern Sand and Bleached Bone highlights. It was starting to blend in with the horns at this point, so I gave it another Agrax Earthshade wash and tried some Yellow highlights, which did the trick.

And here they are, filling out their respective units:

Savage Orc unit with Big Stabba
If I had a stabba,
I'd stabba in the morning
I'd stabba in the evening,

Savage Orc unit with Big Stabba
I'd stabba out danger,
I'd stabba out a warning,

Savage Orc unit with Big Stabba
I'd stabba out love between my brothers and my sisters...
... the lyrics don't adapt well, do they?

And NOW the Savage Orcs are completed. I've met my deadline (just) and I have new toys (albeit with the same warpaint) to bring to the WoffBoot.

Gentlemen, I shall see you at the tables.

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  1. I can't vote 'waaargh' more than once on this, or I would. Those are excellent, and if I was a general thinking of fielding any multi-wound models, I'd be feeling worried. As it is, I'm merely slightly less sad to be stuck at home - even if I'd been able to come, my passport still isn't back from renewal yet, perhaps a sign that VIII was never to be my comeback moment.