Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Egg

Happy Easter! In keeping with religious observance, here are some pictures of Space Marines.

That tub raid the other day netted a few other abandoned projects and forgotten minis. These Black Templar Sword Brethren chief among them - one got done last summer, the rest have been partially done or in undercoats for years. My original plan was to do them in patriotic Red, White and Blue for some reason. So glad I abandoned that. UKIP doesn't need power armour.
I bought the set because I liked the models; painting actual Black Templars was never going to be my cup of tea. Reason being painting things in White and Black is a) boring and b) really hard to do well. Hence the FantaMarine here. 
Blue-green is supposed to be a good complementary colour for orange, according to old school wisdom. I couldn't actually find a canon chapter with bright orange armour, so I don't know who he's really with. 
That's taking Hammerhand a bit literally, isn't it, brother?
I know what you're thinking, punk.

Cloak shot, for all the cloak fans out there.
Another non-canon paint job. The Wonkangels fight in chocolate armour.

This guy has been done for a while, but needed basing. He's a very minor conversion of the squad's sergeant, covering the socket of his bolt pistol arm with a marauder shield and not putting the backpack on. He filled in as Sebastian Fitz-Gabriel back in the day, before a shinier model was found. He has creepy bug eyes as a result of being a religious zealot.

Group shot! Charlie's Dark Angels. 

Another abandoned paint job from several years back, lurking at the bottom of my tub.This is a Reaper model, a female paladin iirc. 

Now with moody lighting and a finished lick o' paint.

Her eyes are particularly blank and staring, but luckily the model's pose makes it hard to capture this. Saved by dramatic pouting, as has so often been the case in my career. 

The shield would probably benefit from a design, really, but I haven't thought of one yet. 

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