Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Da 'Awk Eyes

"Da sneakiest Orcses wiv da keenest senses, Da 'Awk Eyes stalk da grassland beasts and fills dem full of arrers. Dakka dakka dakka!"

"Also, dey paintz a band across da eyes, which iz symbolic of the Empedoclesian principle of vision. Waaagh!"

Classic Savage Orc Arrer Boys
Dakka! Dakka! Dakka!
(Twang! Twang! Twang!)

Thus I finish the Savage Orc Arrer Boyz, possibly the most enjoyable painting for the least effective unit in my army (that said, I hear Boar Boyz are supposed to stink in 8th Ed too...)

Four more regular orcs to add, including a sculpt that, controversially, neither faces straight ahead, nor straight to the side...

Classic Savage Orc Arrer Boys

For the command group, there was already an unofficial Boss model in the range (brandishing a club, like he couldn't care less about shooting), but no musician or standard for arrer boyz. So it was out with the trusty clippers and set to converting the horn blower model (of which I have five copies, so plenty of converting to go around).

Classic Savage Orc Arrer Boys
Spot the difference.
The musician was a simple weapon swap, although he has the distinction of being the only left-handed archer.

The standard bearer took a bit more hacking apart: trumpet sawn off his face; some reconstructive greenstuffing around his mouth; weapon replaced with (kindly donated) Chaos banner; severed-head banner top from a different savage orc standard; trumpet arm bent away from his mouth and hand replaced with goblin bow. And for some reason, I gave him an Ungor skull codpiece.

When it came to painting, the shape of the banner pretty much determined the icon: a long thin skull (albeit with an arrow shoved through the top). I still haven't managed to recapture whatever it was I liked about the original Big 'Uns banner, but this one has the benefit of looking like Boni from 80s' claymation classic Trap Door.

Classic Savage Orc Arrer Boys
"Hello Berk!"

The 'Awk Eyes - let's just agree right now that, before battle commences, they snap their bows in half and use them as two hand weapons.

Classic Savage Orc Arrer Boys
The best ranged attack they can muster is a '1' on the Animosity Table.

Counting the days until WoffBoot VIII - for the moment, I still have more painting days left than unpainted models to finish. For the moment...


  1. They're not going to be any worse than goblins at shooting, are they? Or is that a weight of numbers issue? I dunno, I nearly took out a Thundertusk with goblin archery once, so a few erratic arrers here and there is always going to be handy. Mind you, 'nearly' garners no VP...

    1. I may be over-egging their uselessness (but not by much). True, their BS is no worse than Night Goblins (and their range is a little better) - but they cost triple the points for that.

      Their biggest liability is Frenzy: as soon as a target comes within short range, they'll be obliged to test to see if they forget all about shooting and just charge at them. Again and again.

      The only thing is their favour is that Immune to Psychology will keep them in line (when they're not failing Animosity tests) - and the fact that they're a lot more bruising than your average set of archers.

      But essentially, it's paying lot of points for a unit with the wrong tools.

      Lovely models, mind.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! How are your Dark Elves coming along?

    2. They are nearly complete now, been a long hard road :)
      Will post the finished result, I would estimate within the next 2 day`s.