Friday, 21 December 2012

WoffBoot us, every one

It's been a quiet couple of months on the WoffBoot. Chiefly, I suspect, because two of its most prolific writers have been plying their craft (re: losing their minds) on the NaNoWriMo challenge to bash out a novel in the month of November.

This little web graphic makes it all worth while.

Unlike Warhammer, everyone can be a winner if they try hard enough, and both Kraken and myself succeeded in our literary endeavours. Sci Fi and Fantasy respectively, and I'm sure WoffBoot Publications would be only too happy to represent them.

I didn't manage to paint anything in December, although there are some half-painted Savage Orcs that are have been giving me the stink-eye recently. In fact, the only think I managed to paint was this tree ornament when I got picked to be my CEO's Secret Santa.

Painted in the company colours.
(Toadying corporate lickspittle that I am)

I regret giving him away now. Mounted on a 50mm base and he would have made a very festive Giant model for my Orcs and Goblins.

Happy Woffmas to all!


  1. Just hear those woffbells jingling
    ring-ting-tingaling too
    You know it's lovely weather
    For a Woffboot together with you

    Outside there's giants brawling
    And spiders crawling about
    Everybody wants a General Killer
    As their stocking filler no doubt

    Giddyap giddyap giddyap
    Let's fight
    'Neath a Banner of Might
    It's from next edition
    But that won't cause sedition
    or fright -

    Only costs twenty points
    for +2 attacks
    And a ward save that stacks
    And it makes you Stubborn
    And my army has got 'em
    On its hundred-strong rat slave packs!

    Oh yes it's a happy holiday
    Duncan has come to play too
    We'll be here 'til next year
    As he picks out his gear
    And makes his first move

    There's a thousand-point grand tourney
    At the home of Dards
    Where I'll say these half-done skellies Represent Grave Guards
    We can drink lots of beer
    Eat Chinese food
    And Nerd until we drop
    While the Winds of Magic
    Make our Wizards pop.
    Pop pop pop!

    It's a happy feeling
    Nothing in the world can beat
    As your souped-up regiment of orcs
    Makes all retreat
    Until you're matched up with Ben again
    And then the fun begins
    For whatever you've got
    The result, like as not,
    Is the Ogre Kingdoms will win

    Games Workshop's festive marketing
    Is starting a ruckus or three
    If a chariot is pulled by reindeer
    Then it's fielded (and causes fear) free

    Santa's playing the Grand Theogonist
    In my army list, true
    Because it's lovely weather
    For a Woffboot together
    With You

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