Monday, 19 November 2012

Painting by numbers

After purchasing some paints from "ebay" which included the the Dwarves and Night Goblins from "battle of skull pass" box set, I thought it was a great experimenting ground to learn the art of painting miniatures before moving onto my newly acquired Wood Elves.

I started with some basic Dwarf warriors, the progression was slow but the learning curve was high.
Unfortunately the paints I had purchased on ebay were limited and led to a visit to the local GW shop.

£100 later and I felt comfortably armed to continue. I started on the Goblin forest spider riders, basically because I really enjoy the models.

I have completed 5 so far please see below.

Last night I decided to start on the daunting task of the Wood Elves, I started with the eternal guard.
Now I unfortunately repainted certain areas of this model over and over again, not happy with certain colours. I was happy with the result, although I need to lighten the skin, but going forward with a colour and layering plan I think the following 19 will be good (fingers crossed).

I will keep updating on my painting, as between me and my daughter we have not only the Wood Elves to complete but also need to tackle a steadily increasing Beastmen army :)

Here is the Eternal guard.

Any comments and advice are gratefully received :)


  1. Nice work, especially on the Eternal Guard – that looks like some fine-detail work there, and I really like the various shades of greens against the bronze leaves.

    As for advice: for the Eternal Guard, I agree that the skin needs lightening – a drybrush of Kislev Flesh should do the trick (or just water Kislev Flesh down a lot, and then apply a thin coat over the top).

    For the spider riders, it looks like you’re adding highlights manually (rather than ink-and-drybrush) – that looks good, although the difference can sometimes look a bit stark (such as the second goblin on the left, third picture down). When that happens, it can help to just wet your brush with clean water and just blur the lines a bit while the paint is still wet.

    A last thought about the bases – it looks like you’ve left the ‘knobbly bits’ where the bases were attached to the sprue. Better to file these down, and lay on another thick coat of paint, so the base doesn’t distract from the model.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Completely agree, I need to acquire some basic tools i.e file :)

    I see where you are coming from with the spider riders, some highlights are a little stark.

    Although I think all the models look better in the flesh, can`t wait for you guys to see them on the table.

    Thanks for the advice, really appreciate it.

    Still would like to organise a painting workshop with you guys :)

  3. Agree with Stylus.

    Also, a painting workshop sounds great! Especially as there is still a shed-load of scenery to paint and also the bad-guys for my proposed SpaceHulk campaign weekend in the future to practise techniques on... :-)

  4. Have you bought the Beastmen book yet? If not, I have a current copy going cheap.

  5. Great, how much you want for it my friend?

    1. Sounds great, I will take it :)

      When you @ Bens next?

    2. Sometime over xmas. I'll leave the book at his if I don't see you.

    3. Hey m8 sorry but just found out my parents have brought me the Beastmen codex for xmas :(

    4. Well, if only this blog would email me *all* new updates I wouldn't be at Ben's with a lovely shiny Beastmen book for you... Bugger.

  6. Formidable looking stuff, I thought, great job!