Sunday, 28 October 2012

Changer of the Ways

Nooooo they've only gone and released a new army list a month and half after I've bought a new army.


It's impossible (for me, anyway) not to get excited at the amazing Warshrine model, although that's going to have to wait a long, long time before I spend any money on it. Good sprues for chariot conversions, I'm thinking, and it's a pretty good fighter in its own right, so I have my myriad unblinking eyes on one for the future.

It doesn't look like there are massive changes in the pipeline, as far as my guesswork goes. Lots of new models coming for some of the older character models, which are nice. My hope is that Marauders don't suddenly become more expensive, or that the way the Marks work isn't vastly different, or...

Nuts. There is no way of telling, is there? No plan ever survives contact with the enemy, as they say. Delightful that Spel Verkstad reveals themselves as the enemy in this particular scenario, and perhaps it would have been good to bloody my army in its current form first. Hey ho, it's all skulls for the skull throne at the end of the day.


  1. Or am I wrong? Is this merely new models for the old book? WHY MUST YOU TOY WITH ME, DAMN YOU? WHYYYY?

  2. New book is expected soon(ish).

  3. Match Toolshed's campaign against being able to transport miniatures in any kind of normal carry-case continues unabated.

    Nice looking model though. I can just hear those two lumbering monsters singing, "Both of us together - one on each end and steady as we go..."

  4. All I heard was "To me, to you"

  5. Looks like (although I may be slow in pointing this out) there is an interim update booklet in this month's WD.
    So whilst a new book may be coming, I can't see them releasing the interim update a matter of weeks before the real one.

  6. True - most likely to be a ready converter to turn your current book into an 8th ed one, I expect. Maybe a special 'chaos magic' ability? And rulings and FAQs, I'd bet.

  7. Well I bought the similar WD with the daemon update. It contained a couple of new units' rules and a change of points for a couple of units and a couple of new units.
    No new 8th magic rules though...
    Maybe WoC will differ, but if DoC was only model/point based I kind of expect WoC to be the same...

    1. Found a copy, unscrupulous net scourer that I am. Some interestingly awful changes (e.g. Mark of Nurgle now merely causes Fear) plus rules for the new models. I've put a copy in the dropbox.

    2. No, scrap that, wrong, epic fail, totally out of date and useless. Thankfully - Chaos Warriors with only one attack? 200 points for a Lord? Gah.