Thursday, 18 October 2012

Continued Maraudings

Nothing very wild to report in this post. But I couldn't let a whole week go by without posting up some more work-in-progress pictures of the Marauder Hoard: -

The Shaggoth is coming along - I'm going with a Black Dragon look, complete with copper spear staff, the better to draw down lightning with.

No longer WIP, this - pretty bearable for freehand, by my standards.
See what I did there?

More Tzeentchian Shield Marauders. Some of those saxon hats, whilst in this half-done state, have an unfortunate resemblance to...

Smurfs for the Smurf God!
Smurfs for the Smurf of Khorne!
The last four warriors are now underway, being saved as the reward miniatures for finishing a line of marauders

Khornate Musicians

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