Thursday, 11 October 2012

Shaggoy Dog Story

The last of my ebay buys has turned up now - for a grand total of just over £50 (including the parts of the postage that were included, rather than the bits I did myself), I got a box of warriors, a box of marauders and this splendid gentleman: -

It was a dark and stormy night, and this dragon walks into an ogre bar...
I've done some very limited conversion on him, not that he'll ever see the light of WoffBoot owing to points cost. I've always liked the model, though, I think it's a cracker. But close up, I found I wasn't as keen on the big axe as I was in the publicity shots. It's a bit... boring, really.

The option in the list is to leave him with either his basic fists (already S6), or give him an overkilly great weapon or an extra hand weapon. That latter option is worth the spare ten points I don't have anyway, I thought.

The resin sculpt was already glued together, not brilliantly.
After trying to improve on it, I've decided I don't like resin, it's not made for gluing. 

I cut the big axe head off and trimmed it down. After a bit of sculpting, it now has a green stuff spear tip instead, joined to a metal minotaur banner pole I swapped Leofa for a few years ago. This particular batch of green stuff came out a bit floppy when dried, so I gave the spear tip a coat of super glue to stop it bending about too much. The other handaxe is from the same bullman.

It still needs a bit of work - the dangly skulls dangle the wrong way, but I don't have the skill or tools to remove and re-trim them. I definitely want to cover the join better, though, so either more skulls or some green stuff scrollwork will be put on before I undercoat.

Gravity works funny in the Chaos Wastes, so I guess it's okay.
I've also made the rest of the warriors up, allowing me to theoretically field a unit of fifteen:
There's a bit of unit filler in there, in the form of a bearded viking with an axe.
But he blends fairly well. If he keeps quiet, nobody will know.
And I've now got twenty of the Tzeentchian Marauders made up. Mostly head and arm swaps, nothing too fancy, really, but fun to do. The Khornate guys have the most work left, and I can already sense the painting fatigue beginning to set in. Must... finish... banner...

The right marker came out well, so has been promoted to potential champion.
He's a straight marauder but for the shield, though, so he may yet be demoted back again.
Spider Head is joined by his friends Millisaur Head and Shoulder Pad Head.
Together,they fight crime.

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