Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Fists of Gork

Due to an surfeit of decorating chores (the needs of the skirting board outweigh the needs of the miniature army... apparently), there is very little 'P' in this 'WIP' post.

But since it may be a while before I get to paint these painted savages, here is the latest on my two infantry regiments. In terms of gameplay, these will be the hard-hitting units that will carry the biggest punch - the two 'Fists of Gork', you might say...

Big 'Uns with additional hand weapons

This unit gets its distinction from the front rank (which may be the second rank, once they've had to shove aside to make room for Shamans, Battle Standards and Warbosses). The ones that aren't *actual* command models are converted standards and musicians - and fortunately command figures were sculpted just a little bit bigger than regular boys (which fits into the fluff of Orcs so perfectly, I'm almost tempted to think it was deliberate).

They inherited two painted command models from the original unit
- so basically, they're done.

The front-rank conversions also have two hand weapons, which gives me plausibility to arm the whole unit that way. The others are just ordinary boys, but I filed away their shield 'nubs', so their left hands are now empty. About half of them have big stone knives in sheaths, so I'll assume they just haven't drawn their second hand weapon yet.

I'm keen to try a 6-wide formation (24 boys in total; 18 if I'm scrimping for points). It looks a bit unwieldy, but with the 5-model minimum frontage, it means that even against 20mm bases, every Orc will get to fight. With Frenzy and Choppas, that's a total of 24 x S5 attacks. It's krumpin' time!

Boyz with shields

The is absolutely no reason for fielding these guys with shields (it hardly adds to protection that includes T4 and a warpaint ward save - Frenzied troops can't even parry), but they came that way, and so there you have it.

I'm full of tactical nous like that.

This lot have gained a new command group - basically I was trying to avoid duplicates (albeit converted) in the front rank of the Big 'Uns. I'm fielding them 5x5 - I could say it was because I thought they'd need the extra rank over hitting power, but really it's because I have a movement tray that size.

A number of spear-armed orcs have made an appearance at the back - enough to make a spear-and-shield regiment plausible. With the deep formation, this could make them more of a defensive unit - although I don't think I'll have the luxury of such refinement in an army that has to contend with both Animosity and Frenzy to keep them moving (or keep them in place).

Get them across the field, and get stuck in, is about as strategic as it's going to get.

And to think I used to command Wood Elves...


  1. How about big stickas? Planning on any of those? The multi-wound impacty hit thing they do looked good on paper to me, especially if you happen to come across any ogres.

  2. You mean Big *Stabbas* ... I wasn't planning on it. I saw it as a limited-use upgrade that costs the same as 2 x Big Uns.

    And the D3 wounds only works on Large Targets (not Ogres, who are just Monstrous Infantry), so you'd be counting on them to out-charge whatever monster will fit into 1,000 (so far, a Giant or Thundertusk) to get the full benefit.

    I'll have to see if I have the points spare to experiment. At the moment, I'm up to my limit for their inaugural WoffBoot (oh yes, the army list is all drafted out).

  3. And quite right too. Large targets only is pretty sad, actually. Does that cover Black Coaches? Or would slapping a rule like that on the damn thing just give it (lords forbid)some kind of weakness?