Tuesday, 24 October 2017

The Trollpuddle Martyr

Another quick-fix job from the dawn of time.

The last bit of elderly lead from my leadpile (part of the surprise haul my wife stumbled on earlier in the year) was one of the first models I ever bought from a GW, back in the early 90s. One of the pair of Marauder Trolls, I bought this as a blister pack alongside a Minotaur, and they've somehow made it through the years to get a second lease of life and paint now.

This guy had been trodden on, years back, and snapped off at the elbow and ankles. His feet had been stuck with araldite to their base at the time, and I'd lost that since. So although I could repair his arm with a bit of pinning, he'd still have no feet unless I resorted to my limited green stuff skills.

So, a chunk of cork and the last gasps of my water effects bottle, and here he is wading through some murky water instead. Nice to have him back in action!

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