Saturday, 7 October 2017

Crypt Creepers

More scouts!

These guys keep popping up in my paint queue at the moment. There are worse things to find there, they're nice, characterful models, but all the same, I'm glad to have the last ones done.

Two squads to add to Kasfunatu's red and black legion. One with sniper rifles, one with a selection of closer ranged stuff.

Not much to add, really, they're a familiar paint scheme now. I can even crank out a squad's worth of insignia in just under half an hour these days. If only I could kid myself it's the last time I'll be doing that damned winged maw...

Something on the side, of course. A late delivery from Red Box Games, as the wizard's apprentice from this warband finally showed up. Really good models, and of all the stuff I've done this year, one of the projects I'm most pleased with overall.

Kas himself will be visiting in a week or so, and I have one squad left to do for him before he gets here and delivers the next batch. Eleven models in six days? No worries. Probably.

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