Thursday, 26 October 2017

Heard The Good Newts?

No, not the start of a Seraphon army (maybe just a little one? The kids would love it if I started painting dinosaurs). 

Skink Starpriest for Seraphon, Age of Sigmar
Little Isaac here will stand alone, defying gravity.

This wee chap slithered out of the Silver Tower Arcane Heroes box set, which means I have a variety of random heroes on my painting desk.

I seem to be painting a lot of turquoise lately, but this one wasn't my choice. Mrs Stylus recently agreed to play a few rounds of Silver Tower on the condition that she could pick her own heroes, one of which was the Starpriest.

Skink Starpriest for Seraphon, Age of Sigmar

The quest concluded with two pieces of the Amulet secured, and an (almost-convincing) promise to search for the rest.

I was quite impressed with the Starpriest in-game - a ranged attack and a good defensive buff for the rest of the party. Solid pick.

Skink Starpriest for Seraphon, Age of Sigmar

The model himself is one of the new plastic clampacks that aren't cheap but are generally excellent sculpts. For all that, he's still very classic 'lizardman' in appearance. Even without the rest of his spawning, he's a nice addition to the cabinet.

  • Skin: Sotek Green base, Nuln Oil wash, Ahriman Blue drybrush
  • Crest: Screamer Pink base, Carroburg Crimson wash
  • Feathers: Averland Sunset base, Cassandora Yellow wash, Yriel Yellow drybrush, Fuegan Orange shade
  • Staff/jewellery: Runelord Brass base, Reikland Flesh wash, Biel-Tan stain
  • Eyes: Nurgling Green base
  • Staff: Skavenblight Dinge base, Waystone Green wash, Nuln Oil wash
  • Stone: Steel Legion Drab base, Reikland Flesh wash, Deathclaw Brown drybrush, Karak Stone drybrush, Eldar Flesh drybrush, Terminatus Stone drybrush

Skink Starpriest for Seraphon, Age of Sigmar

The staff was quite a neat discovery: using the green 'gem' paint, followed by a Nuln Oil wash, gave a really muted jade stone effect.

And the sandstone base recipe was directly stolen from Kraken, so it would match the buildings that he painted for me (so does that mean it's my recipe now? I'll leave it in the hands of my IP lawyers).

Skink Starpriest for Seraphon, Age of Sigmar

Right, that's enough fantasy. Back to painting things with ammo clips!


  1. Very nice! Especially that sandstone, immaculate stuff.