Monday, 9 October 2017

Da Red Devvulz

-Knock knock.
-Who's there?

In a last autumnal gasp, I've cleared my current in-tray. Which gives me four glorious days of freedom to paint what I like before Kas shows up on Friday with the next batch. Expect miracles!

Wot da zog kind of shoota is dis? Notta spike onnit.

But in the mean time, here are some mirorkles. Along with the scout squad from the last post, these are in fact the squaddies from Kas's Shadow War Armageddon set. So along with all that nice industrial furniture I painted, he's also got some warbands to fight over it.


Orks were the first ever 40K army I collected, back when you got 36 for a pound and spare change for a sherbert fountain. It's been a while since I painted any of the space variety. I think the last was a Gorkamorka boss, about fifteen years ago. I have clearly learned little in the interim.

Big Shoota

Orange and red as spot colours, over a medley of dark browns and blacks, then lots of rust on the metal. Desert style bases and job's a good 'un.


Painting Guide:

  • Abaddon Black undercoat
  • Flesh - Waagh! Flesh, Algae wash (from Secret Weapon), Waagh! Flesh/Goblin Green then plain Goblin Green layers, Underhive Ash drybrush mostly only on the faces
  • Orange Bitz - Jokaero Orange, Agrax Earthshade, Troll Slayer Orange layer, Tau Light Ochre trim
  • Black Leather - Eshin Grey, Nuln Oil, very thin Eshin Gray layer, tiny dots of Ulthuan Grey for trim
  • Browns - Either Rhinox Hide or Dryad Bark and Nuln Oil, Sylvaneth Bark drybrush
  • Metals - Either Dryad Bark and Nuln Oil with Ironbreaker trim or Leadbelcher with Nuln Oil, Ryza Rust and Ironbreaker
  • Leather - Skrag Brown, Agrax, Karak Stone trim
  • Eye - Evil Sunz Scarlet with Nuln Oil wash
  • Teef - XV88, Ungor Flesh and Ushabti Bone layers
  • Lips - Genestealer Purple then Warpfiend Flesh
  • Bases - Agrellan Earth thick and neat directly on the undercoated bases, slate and tufts to finish

Time to get stuck into my leadpile. Reaper, Massive Darkness, some terrain projects - there's plenty there!


  1. Oi! I fort I wuz da only wun wot paintz Orkes! Dis means Waaagh!

  2. Nah, I iz da only Ork kaptin on dis blok. If yoo wonna liv GED OUTTA MY TERRORTOREE.

  3. You boyz is torkin cobblaz! I woz ere furst, so yooz can all ZOG OFF!