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X-Wing: Bombing Run

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Back almost instantly with a second outing for the new bomber!


SCUM: Kraken

Kraken is optimistic again over my collection, and adds an unreleased pilot; but given he plays electronically and I have the ship model (unlike the early arrival of the Quadjumper) and so Victor Hel was allowed to fly.

Yeah, I need to get better at that. Using the Squadron Builder website is all well and good, and in fact it usually tells you if something is unreleased. Not this time, though, and I'm not following the meta well enough to know what currently exists and what doesn't!

No real synergy here, as is fairly usual for both Scum and my list building in general. Kath is built to ionise people on the way in, then tear them to shreds with her rear gunner while they can't escape. Laetin will attempt to aid her in this, maybe keeping a target in the right place for a bit longer. Additionally, Kath is good in that I need to try and keep her in front of the enemy bombers for best results, and that's the best end of a bomber to be on!

Viktor is good at lurking at distance and behind obstacles, where you get stress if you shoot at him and he gets extra dice. To help him with this, Kath is packing some disposable barrels - the rigged cargo chute plonks an additional debris field out when you need it, which will hopefully catch Kas unawares at some point.

REBEL: Kasfunatu

View this squadron at: http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/742462/bomb-bombs-bombs

So I was going to play with the Scurrg, but after/before Nym defects (apologies not sure of the lore on this one).

I think he's a dirty mercenary who'll work for whoever pays, but not sure either.

I saw the Bomblet Generator being used to good effect, and combined with the Havoc title taking Genius for post move dropping. As in write up from session where I played against it, I knew I wanted to add and Engine. Finally I tried a couple of new (or at least new to me) in Intensity.


The asteroids are reasonably tightly packed and so I am going to throw some nets into the way; so Miranda is angled to fly through, drop one and then to meet up with Nym on the southern end of map.

Funnily enough, I have a similar plan - gum up the centre of the map with the cargo chute, then skirt round the outside at distance, sniping. 

Turn 1

With engine upgrades and SLAMs the two bombers move quickly across the board. Shooting is pitiful but nothing really expected at this range... besides these are bombers not gunboats.

I also put space pedal to the space metal. The line hurtles forwards, which just about brings Kath into range. She evades and manages to dodge the fire from the K-wing's turret, and then slaps an ion token back in return. Excellent! The other two are just taking position for later.

Turn 2

Hmm you got close fast; and not really where my bombs can touch you. However I brought nets to drop them and block routes, so even though you won't get it: I am still dropping one (of my three nets).

Nym could have dropped one too, but you're no near enough so he just makes his way through the field taking shots where he can.

Sticking to plan, Kath swoops across the middle of the board and throws out a huge collection of plastic netting, coke cans and old nappies. This also leaves her in a nice position to open up with the rear turrets on Nym, who bites down on a reasonable early strike. I follow this up with some enhanced shooting from Viktor, through the new debris field.

In exchange, both the big bombers chip away at Kath's shields, but it doesn't do a lot of damage.

Turn 3

Kath starts a long turn round to get back into position. Vic and the Scyk close in and open up, with Laetin slapping ion tokens on Nym.

Nice ioning of Nym; who disturbingly is now bashing his console as he facing the edge of the board and destined to go straight forward.

Miranda's fire power is being depleted as keeps redeploying some offensive power to repower shields. Again she is here to drop bombs and her guns are there to chip and give her health back; so I am okay with this.

Not entirely okay - Miranda opts to shoot Viktor through the debris field, and that gives her stress from his unique ability. Although it also strips his shields, so it's not all good news, especially when Nym then manages to ionise him as well!

Turn 4

Vik has no option but to drift helplessly into a debris cloud, which leaves him understandably stressed. At least he's in a good place to shoot Miranda, and he'll get cover from the cloud which will stress anybody who shoots him.

Laetin barrel rolls past the asteroids and lines up on Nym, aiming the Ion cannon again as Kath keeps on turning back in. If I can hit the big bomber, he's gone - not next turn, but the turn after, when he'll be too close to the edge to turn away!

I scrape a single hit, but that's all it will take. The lumbering bomber has but a single dice to roll in defence.

He rolls...

He evades. Bah!

A crucial save there... another ion token, whilst it would have taken me off, would have left me with no space to go next turn. I now have a chance to turn... phew!

Now Miranda is ioned; and stressed as she shoots Hel through the debris field; but at least that's that blighter removed.

Nym shoots back at Laetin, but I handily dodge. Viktor may be dead, but he's done some good work in the process, tying up the K-wing for a few turns.

Turn 5

Okay, at least ions now are not at risk of making me run away. The K-wing is turning in for the advance. It's almost bombing time. 

I can see this coming, and pull the only thing I can think of to keep the Scyk in a reasonable position whilst trying to avoid the bomb - fly right over it and K-turn by the edge of the board. I manage the second part of this, but those bombs have a big blast! As it goes off, I'm left with a single point of hull thanks to Sabine's extra-potent fuel cans.

Kath arcs in, but manages to clip the asteroids. No shooting for her, which is a disaster! She's also caught by the damn bomb, for a shield, but manages to evade the torrent of turret fire she's flown into.

Turn 6

Don't run away little Scyk! It is only a matter of time and concentrating fire the little blighter is out. 

Yup - they aren't built for attrition. At least it takes up all of Kas's shots to take it down.

It's down to the big ship.

So I can focus on just the important one! Hurrah. I've managed to block the K-wing, as I hoped, but Nym is sadly out of arc. And I eat another bomb, which isn't a great exchange of fire.

Nym is hurt, all shields and some hull gone. Miranda has managed to recharge all of her shields.

Turn 7-9

It takes a few more turns, but with Sabine's enhanced bombs on board the bomblet generator does a slow but reliable amount of damage. I am still not great at bombs I mistime when to use them. Although in some cases it doesn't matter. 

Yeah, I was constantly losing a point of hull here and there as I wiggle about, keeping the Scurrg in my rear sights pretty well. It's a tanky old bugger though, and I don't quite finish it off.

In the final turn I got excited as I managed to position myself and drop a bomb on top of the Firespray; only to be disappointed when I realised it was about to move; and finally relieved when a range 3 turn still left it in range. As Sabine looked out the viewport and pressed the detonator the bombers could go home.

Airlocker Room

Not sure I played it well. Miranda stayed alive and plinked. Sabine was awesome (and she had to go on the Kwing if I wanted the droid and sensors and title on Nym); but I overloaded Miranda with 3 conner nets, 3 missiles and 3 proton bombs... .she used one net ineffectually.

I think my main mistake was letting Kath pull that long slow turn. A swift K-turn in turn three would have clipped an asteroid, I think, but I'd have been back in the fray a bit faster. As it was, I spent almost half the match out of range, depriving me of quite a bit of firepower.

I've decided I really like Ion guns, though. Dictating your enemy's movement is quite a big bonus. That heavy Scyk quite impressed me - it's so fragile, I've never really been taken with the ship before. But allowing it to slap ion tokens on from surprise angles is great! Not quite so convinced about Viktor, but there's probably a better build that could make him more powerful.

I think I need to get better at flying and dropping bombs. I would hate to see what Kraken would do with this list, as I am always getting caught by his bombs (admittedly last game: so was he).

Another good game. One wave 11 ship left to fly, so I guess I am sticking with Rebels for the next game.

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