Saturday, 3 January 2015

Plastic Buttcrack

Yes, as promised, it's the Witch Elves.

I'd been saving these up to near the end as a bit of a treat. Nice models, I thought, not too complex or twiddly despite their amazing hairpieces. What could possibly go wrong?


Well, there's nothing to make you come over all Slaaneshi...

Oh God!

...than painting a long series of elf arses. And when a man tires of painting elf arses, as Doctor Johnson would inevitably have said were he a Warhammerite, he tires of life. This is the Delf unit that broke my will, damn them. Probably didn't help that I chose to paint their dangly bits pink.

So many butts.
Huge, uneven butts. 
Staring at me. Winking. The horror, the horror.

The banner, as previously encountered, was still a daunting surface to approach. This is obviously intended as a blazing demon head, rather than the smoky Pacman it's come out as, but I'm still glad I tried.

Horrible Scars to boot. Superb!

That missing Shrine Guardian who turned up late has been roped in as a unit champion. There are only nineteen of the actual Witches (I guess one turned into a Sorceress or something). Even if there's already a Death Hag to lead them, it's nice to have a round number I figured. So I glued this lady to a snipped-off bit of tree to make do.

The attempt at blue lipstick has been a dismal failure and will be redone.

Very dynamic models. They're running through a field of broken ruins so dense you could mistake them for caltrops, although it does make them look action-packed. So much so they can barely rank up to save their lives. Hair and twisting torsos everywhere. Oh god!

Know what I mean?

Painting Guide:

  • Flesh - Dwarven Flesh washed with watery Flesh Wash, layered with Kislev Flesh and drybrushed Pallid Wychflesh. Flesh! Flesh everywhere... Snap out of it, man!
  • Hair - Basecoat purple, Druchii Violet and Lucius Lilac drybrush
  • Bras - Abaddon Black with Runefang Steel
  • Blades - Kabalite Green with Snot Green layers, Underhive Ash drybrush and 'Ardcoat gloss
  • Thigh-High Boots - Rhinox Hide with a rather over-heavy drybrush of Tyrant Skull, not my finest moment
  • Dangly Bits - Emperor's Children, thin Red Ink wash, Horror Pink drybrush
  • Eyes - Actually remembered to paint these on (White Scar and Black Ink) after I'd washed the flesh for a change, so I could trim off the fried eggy bits with layering. Not bad!
  • Spiky Stone - XV88, Tau Light Ochre layer and Pallid Wychflesh drybrush

No character this week. There's only one left in the boxes and he's really more appropriate to next week's batch. However, I've now completed the largest box in the consignment, meaning there's almost a square foot of painted Dark Elves ready to head to the 'Boot!

Now that's a tight deployment.

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